December 15, 2015

Just an Average Tuesday....

but not for long.

by now I'm sure you're thinking,
"does this girl ever work?"
I do.... but not that often.

i am currently taking a break from college,
and i am a nanny 2 days a week.

i am currently looking for a "big girl" job,
but in the meantime i will be staying cozy inside
while i apply for jobs.
While i enjoy these last couple of weeks by myself, until i enter the real world.

i am a HUGE coffee drinker, but recently i have been waking up with huge caffeine headaches.
A close friend of mine recommend i start drinking tea.
So i gave it a shot.. so far so good.

I like my drinks extra strong so i added 3 teabags.
2 bags of Tazo Awake English Breakfast  and 1 bag of Tazo Organic Bramblewine.
The English tea is a black tea, which is the tea with the highest amount of caffeine and the bramblewine has the lowest amount of caffeine.
it's a great combo!

honestly at first i thought the back tea would be too strong and bitter,
but i was wrong and it was far from gross.
it twas soooooo yummy!

we can't have a cozy day without watching some birds in the backyard.

a great messy bun is a lifesaver these days.
easy when you're on the go or just staying in,
like today. ;)

my little boy charlie is not so little anymore..... anyone else have a chubby orange tabby cat?
Mine LOVES to eat, eat, eat!

I would love to chat about other great teas out there, so please let me know what your favorites are!!

Don't forget to count your blessings,

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