December 9, 2015

Mango, Kale, & Beet Smoothie

as i am sitting here eating a hot pocket (wishing i had all my supplies for a smoothie.)
I'm drooling over the thought about my last concoction 

I feel like a million bucks after i have had a smoothie. 
They are always packed with so much goodness, it literally changes my mood (for the better) when i am finished with it. 

Making smoothie is extremely easy, and that's why its so fun!

Remember, you can never make a bad smoothie.... so go crazy and experiment! 

.......... Just so we are clear, I am not a nutrients, so do not quote me on all my information below.........

You can never go wrong with GREENS
Here are two of my favorite. I usually have one or the other, but today I was feeling rebellious

Kale helps with weight loss, has a ton of antioxidants that make you look and feel younger...who doesn't want that?

Spinach is a great source of vitamins and great for bone health. 

VEGGIES and great for your mind, body, and soul!! 

Beets are great for boosting your energy and brain function. They also reduces your blood pressure and fights against wrinkles, cancer and heat disease... No more wrinkles, eat beets! At first this vegetable was hard for me to drink... I had never had this veggie until a couple weeks ago, but heard it works wonders so i had to try it... it's now a staple ingredient for me. 

Carrots are great for your vision!!! This is something my dad always told me when I was a child. Now look at me... I'm eating them all the time and putting them in my smoothies. This is an item I love to add because they do not have a strong taste when they are blended with other fruits and veggies. 

Raspberries are so yummy and delicious. oh and did i mention they are good for you too?!?! 

Peaches......FROZEN. Instead of adding ice to my smoothies, i love to add frozen fruit. So it's cold when you drink it and you have an excuse to add more yummy fruit instead of flavorless ice chips. You wouldn't believe it, but peaches are a great source of your daily fiber! Great for your colon!  

Pomegranate Seeds I get these frozen too. I like my smoothies cold and personally i do not like the pain it takes to get all the seeds out of a pomegranate. These seeds are rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and bioactive plant compounds.... and they also contain some sugar.

Flax Seed is great for digestive health. 

Chia Seed. I love to add a small scoop of chia seeds to almost everything. Too much can upset your stomach, so star small. But this awesome seed when it touches water a gel like substance forms around the seed and when you consume it, it makes you feel fuller longer. This is great for me because if i am supper busy mid day it keeps me going until dinner. 

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