August 26, 2016

Blogs I Admire and Why

The Daily Tay 
Not that this hilarious lady needs help getting anymore followers, but I can't help myself! This is Taylor from The Daily Tay. She lives in Chicago, just got MARRIED (congrats love) and has a Viszla named Harlow...which looks extremely similar to my Newman. (besides the noses) I'm not sure exactly sure how I came across her blog, but I'm so glad I did! Following her on one social media, just isn't enough. You need them all!! IG, Facebook, Twitter to just name a few.

The Daily Tay

She currently has her own T-Shirt store, "T-Shirt Town" on Etsy, They are a must see. I got suckered in by her genius quotes, I bought two!

I just want to hang with my dog t shirts

Helene in Between
Helene from Helene in Between, is literally just the BEST! Like Taylor ^^ I'm not sure how I was lucky enough to stumble across her blog. But she has truly been a lifesaver. I only started this blog a few months ago, out of now where. Not surprised, I found myself confused on how to really get started. Helene saved the day...literally. Her blog is the go-to place for all things Blog questions. She knows her stuff and she's not messing around!

Helene in Between

Are you struggling with your blog and not sure where to start? Are you needing help with gaining followers? Are you simply needing some basic blogging tips? Do you feel like you need this mug in your life? If yes, you need to join Blog Boss Babe! This is an online group where we all come together and help each other grow and learn. All while watching helpful videos and assignments to improve our individual blog. This is all done at your own pace. I'm so glad I decided to join this group of wonderful young ladies.

Blog Boss Babe

fASHionately Me 
Ashley's blog is pretty new to me. I recently have been on the hunt to find some other local blogger in my area. I joined IndyBlogSociety on IG to get the scoop on cool new blogger in my area. Ashley's Blog stood out to me the most. She is a lover of all things fashion and "comfy shoes."

fashionately me

Ashley is always posting new must have outfits all over her IG and I feel like I need ever one. She's adorable and you can tell she loves what she's doing. Her and her blogger pals are always doing fun events and be sure to check out her last post about an event this coming weekend!
fashionately me

Do you follow any of these lovely ladies too? What are some of your favorite blogs?

Linking up with LizChristinaNatasha, and Darci

Linking up with Andrea , Narci, and Erika.


August 25, 2016

25 Get to Know Me Questions

25 Get to Know Me Q’s
1. What is your middle name?: Ann. I like to think because my grandmothers middle name is Ann, but it might just be a coincidence. 
2. What was favorite subject at school?: 100% Art, if you would even count that as a subject. My junior and senior year I signed up for an extra art class instead of lunch. I was and still am   socially awkward so this might have been more of the reason. Who really knows. 
3. What is your favorite drink?:  Lately, Iced coffee. I have been so addicted to Starbucks it's becoming a problem. and not just the cheap plain coffee, the extra large fancy shit.... Someone help me break away from Starbucks. Just a few months ago I came across the best wine ever made. Malvasia. It's a sweet red and you need it in your life. I'm currently saving my money to order that case of 12 or possibly 24. 
4. What is your favorite song at the moment? Is it totally lame that I don't have one? You can always rely on Die a Happy Man by Thomas Rhett to give you all the feels! 
5. What is your favorite food?: Hot wings. Just like Mallory Can't Even . I need my buffalo hot wings at least once a month. Once I get that craving, I've gotta have it. 
6. What is the last thing you bought?: I can't exactly say just yet, because my a fellow Bride to Be friend reads my blog. ;) BUT her Bachelorette party AND Bridal shower is this weekend. So I'll let your mind wonder on what I purchased. 
7. Favorite book of all time?: Hmmm, this is a tough one. If I'm honest, I'm not a huge reader. This is something I've always wished I was and hopefully one day I will be a "reader", but for now it's just a dream. 
8. Favorite Color?: Black. Weird , I know. My entire closet is black and when I go shopping my can't bring myself to buy bright colors. After all black is such a solid basic, you can never have to much of it. 
9. Do you have any pets?: Yes, we have three. D and I got Lana and Charlie after being together for 8 months. Then we got Newman about 4 months ago. After getting my kittens, I turned into the exact definition of "crazy cat lady" and I wasn't afraid of telling the world... Hints my blog name. But I've always dreamed of having a dog. We finally decided on a breed and just got our puppy 4 months ago. His name is Newman and he's a redbone coonhound..... he's a handful. 
10. Favorite Perfume?: Love Spell by Victoria Secret... if I remember to wear it. Most of the time it's my natural sent.
11. Favorite Holiday?: Halloween... because it's my birthday! 
12. Are you married?: No... 
13. Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times?: Once. I went on a mission trip in 2009 with my church to Jamaica. We visited an orphanage and it was life changing. One of the best experiences of my life. 
14. Do you speak any other language?: Couldn't even if I tried. I took a semester of Spanish in high school, but that didn't end so well. 
15. How many siblings do you have?: I have one younger sister. We are two years apart and nothing alike. She has a 3 year old son and is getting married next summer. I have 3 pets, and am no where close to getting married. No where.

16. What is your favorite shop?: Target, is my second home. Sometimes when I'm lost in my thoughts driving, I end up in a Target parking lot. Clothes? Target. Groceries? Target. Patio Decor? Target. 
17. Favorite restaurant?: Tied between Buffalo Wild Wings or Sushi Club. Or both at once. 
18. When was the last time you cried?: Wow. This is an easy one. Yesterday.... while watching the Bachelor in Paradise. I'm a really emotional person especially when it comes to romantic stuff. If someone is crying, I'm right there balling with them. I can't help it. 
19. Favorite Blog?: Though one! The Daily Tay is by far my tops blog I am always reading and getting lost in for hours. She's hilarious. Helene in Between, duh! She's the founder of Blog Boss Babe this awesome blog group and her tips are wonderful. 
20. Favorite Movie?: The Other Guys. I have never laughed so hard in my life while watching that movie. Every minute is the best. 
21. Favorite TV shows?: I can watch Friends reruns all day long and never get bored. I grew up watching my mom iron my dads shirt while she endlessly watching Friends. It's something in my blood, I just can't get enough of. 
22. PC or Mac?: Mac... Next question. 
23. What phone do you have?: iPhone 6S, I think. It't defiantly an iPhone but not the largest most modern one. Who knows.

24. How tall are you?: 5.3" and a half. Just tall enough to ride rides, but not tall enough to reach the tip shelf in the kitchen. 
25. Can you cook?: Depending on my mood. Sometimes I can cook a meal dinner, but other times I struggle. I actually burnt water last week and had to scrap it off the stove once it hardened. It's not one of my best moments. 

Do you feel like you know me now? Let me know if you end up doing this quiz in the comments so I can check it out!

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August 18, 2016

Giving a Maid of Honor Speech

Public speaking is my worst nightmare. Worst. So giving a speech for my best friend gave me mixed emotions. If I had to choose between swimming with sharks... with no cage (I'm feeling wild) or getting up in front of 20 people and giving a speech. Bring on the sharks! Even reading the title for my blog post brings back all the butterflies in my stomach, and I kinda want to vomit. oh and I had to speak in front of 252 people.... I'm just glad I didn't barf on the mic or piss my dress.

Blogging has taught me a lot in the last few months, and what I've learned the most is people want honestly. So, let's get to it.

I hated the fact that being a "MOH" came with the duty of giving a speech. I was so excited I got to plan the Bachelorette party, but in the back of my mind I knew a speech was involved. I'm gonna let you in on a secret... let's just not go around telling everyone. Deal? ok good. In college I failed out of speech class (twice) because the idea of talking in front of people made me hide in my apartment or run to the nearest coffee show until it was time for the next class.... oh and it was an online class. I couldn't bare to one my laptop and simply speak in front of 7 or less people.

Let's get something straight first, I was and still am honored that my best friend, Victoria even thought about me being in her wedding, let alone trusting me to stand by her side and toast to her and all her friends and family. I couldn't be more thrilled and forever grateful for her.

Giving a Maid of Honor Speech

The one thing I take from this crazy experience and really the only way I didn't die from a heart attack was because I was prepared. I made sure I wrote down my thoughts little by little for a few months and made sure I said what was truly on my heart.

There is no way I would have been able to go up and "just talk" about Vic. You should have seen the Best Man... it was godawful.


Giving a Maid of Honor Speech

I first wanted to start out with a little humor. Who doesn't like a little ice breaker? I'm not saying start out with a knock knock joke or anything. I just simply introduced myself with a little extra laugh thrown in. Can you tell Vic was the only one laughing. ^^^^

Giving a Maid of Honor Speech

Yes I wrote my speech on my phone. And I typed it out and hid a copy under my plate. I made sure my phone was at 100% before hand, but just incase a back up is always good to have.

To be honest I felt more comfortable reading from my phone. It came across more natural than it would if I read it off an piece of paper. Just my opinion. After all I did write it on my phone, so it was genius in my mind. 

Giving a Maid of Honor Speech

At the end of my speech I felt flawless. Honestly. Knowing how big of an accomplishment this was for myself and I knew it meant something to the bride was all worth it. I wouldn't have traded it for world. In her own little way, she knew I had this fear and helped me tell myself that I can do anything. 

Isn't my bestie the most beautiful bride?! 

Giving a Maid of Honor Speech

Giving a Maid of Honor Speech

If you live in the central Indiana are you NEED to contact Evangeline Renee! Like yesterday. She was wonderful to be around, you could tell she loved her job and her pictures just speak for themselves. 

August 17, 2016

You Know You're a Dog Mom if.....

I feel like a lot of people I know are making the wonderful decision of getting a puppy. Like some, this took a lot of planning and decision making. I had to beg and beg for almost a year, until I got my Newman. I'm sure it didn't help that every puppy I saw I wanted to take home. But we finally found ours and made sure it was the right time in our lives. We just bought a house, so getting a dog next just made sense.

I grew up with dogs, but never had to raise one myself. To be honest the first couple of days were hell. He wouldn't stop whining and I felt like I was doing something wrong. After all, it's just a puppy, how hard could it be? Well,  I was certainly in for a treat. The second night after we brought him home I was in tears because I thought even a baby would have been easier at the moment. But I kept telling myself, we were all adjusting. Though a lot has gotten better, Newman still knows how to test my patience and make this momma bear not happy.

Newman has now become our little slice of heaven and sometimes I feel like we took on more than we can handle, but he makes life fun and unexpected. Here are just a few things I have learned from being a recent dog mom. 

1.You take millions of picture of them sleeping or just sitting still. No just me? I constantly catch myself having to clear more space in my phone by deleting random pictures of Newman... that all look the same. Please tell me I'm not the only one for this one. 

2.You have to train them to not sleep in your bed... and fail miserably. When we first became pup-parents we made a no dog in the bed rule. That quickly changed, because he was miserable sitting on the ground looking up at us with those big sad puppy dog eyes. But luckily it's turned into a weekend only thing. Newman is almost 50lbs and there just instead enough space for him anymore. 

3. You dress them up. Again, we made a rule before getting him that we weren't going to be those weird people that dress up there dog... Well, Dennis said nothing about not putting him in my clothes (jackets and hoodies) and of course I became hooked and now I feel like he needs his own closet. 
4.Snapchat just makes more sense now. Dog filter without a dog? Just doesn't feel right. Now, you and a friend plus your dog can all have puppy faces! It's just the best. 

5.You start to buy healthy food so you both can share..Sometimes I catching myself writing down fruit and veggies on the grocery list to give to the dog and not with the intention of eating them myself. I'm pretty sure he eats better than the humans in the house. (Insert head in palm)

6. You buy furniture for yourself, but they quickly claim it before you can... I went our and rewarded myself the other week and got a outdoor chase lounge. By the time I unfolded it, went inside to get a drink, came back out, Newman was already chilling like he's order it on Amazon and has been waiting for me to open the box... 

How do YOU know you're a dog Mom?

If you would like to see update pictures of Newman follow along on my Instagram page.

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