January 10, 2017

What I Wear - Skiing

What to wearing skiing
I'm not your average skier or snowboarder, in fact I'm far from a rookie when it comes to the slopes. Can someone just pull me in a wagon down the slopes? or is that frowned upon? I do know my way around a closet and how to look the part. So skiing was no exception. If you're anything like me or even if you know what you're doing be sure to check out this pieces below! 

For the past 4 years we have been skiing and for some reason I just can't get the hang of it. I don't know what to do with my hand, then I have to bend and turn my knees too, and whats with making a pizza with your skiis? The fact that it's such a dangerous sport and every time we're there someone is getting pulled away in an ambulance, just makes me not trust myself and the slippery hills. Next time I think I'll be watch from the window next the the fireplace staying warm, blogging or reading a book. 

Or taking a nap... yea mostly napping.   

Perfect North:skiing

It's always fun to have an excuse to buy new clothes. This time, I really needed some help. I don't do well in the cold, in-fact I hate it and I already knew I was going to be terrible so I needed to at least look like I knew what I was doing. But by the time I was on the board there was no helping me there. It was obvious I was awful. I didn't remember a thing from last year or the year before, or the year before that. It was a disaster. I stayed on the bunny hills the entire time and never gained the confidence the attempt the bigger hills. Once I started to loose feeling in my fingers (it was below 0 when we went) and smacked my face on the ground I decided to call it a night. Went inside and got a slice of pizza and waited for everyone else to finish.
What to wearing skiing

Perfect North:skiing

Going with a group of friends was fun and I was guaranteed to find someone close to my skill level so I wasn't left alone all night. It was a fun trip and certainly something we will all remember. 

Perfect North:skiing

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January 5, 2017

One Word 2017

Happy 2017! Have you had to write it out yet? Me neither, and I can guarantee I'll forget when the time comes.

It's the the first week of the new year and everyone is posting their resolutions and what habits they should change for the upcoming months. This year I'm doing things a little different,I'm taking it slow. I came across the idea of focusing on one word that would help me better myself. A word that I would constantly be saying in the back of my mind for encouragement to get me through each day. This is my first year doing this and to be honest it didn't take much time to think about what word I needed the most.

All my life I have taken things too seriously and too close to heart. I wear my heart on my sleeves and this is something that I pride myself on BUT sometimes it can get out of hand. I'm wanting to work on my approach with how I begin to handle certain situations. I can't take criticism well and honestly, start to break down when stressful times arise. I'm not big on setting resolutions, mainly because I can never make a decision on what "needs work" so my resolutions aren't realistic. This year, is simplified but I have a feeling it will have a greater outcome. This year I want to be able to handle stressful moments that happen in my day to day. For the most part I do an alright job, but when it become overwhelming I tend to store it inside and finally I burst at the wrong moment and it becomes a messy sight to see. For everyone involved.

For the sake of everyone around me I want to be able to handle my stress better and with an open mind, no matter the situation. I simply need to take a moment and breathe. I tend to get over stressed about the everyday hustle and bustle and forget to remind myself that most of the "things" I'm stressed out about are out of my control. Stop stressing the little things, and just stay calm and tell myself "it's all okay."

I'm excited to see where this takes me. Stay tuned.
Happy new year, you guys!

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January 4, 2017

The Best of 2016

As 2016 came to a close this weekend I could not help but look back on what a great year we had. I am so blessed to have so many people in my life to call my friends but one thing in particular sticks out the most of why 2016 was so great.


All my life I have wanted a dog to call "my own" and 2016 was the year for me. I moved out of my parents house in 2011 and headed off to college. I was never financially ready for the responsibility of a four legged friend, but I would still visit the humane society on a weekly basis for a couple of years, dreaming and waiting for my time. 

Once I got out of college and got a full time job, we decided to start looking for puppies.  Eeeeekkkk of course I would take in a blind or a three legged dog, just to have one. But Dennis wanted a slower process. 

We found Newman and haven't been happier. Having a puppy of our own has been a huge responsibly and I'm so blessed to have Dennis along for the ride. Newman isn't easy, but he's a work in progress. 

A dog is a forever "purchase" and something I will never give up on. I can't imagine my life without this crazy shithead and I'm so happy he came in our lives when he did. We have never been more active, worried, or ready to rush home in the last 3 years before Newman. 

He's the best!

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December 30, 2016

Best Christmas Gift of 2016

When I get the chance to go home and visit I am always wishing it would slow down. Family time doesn't happen often and my little nephew is  growing so fast I feel like I'm missing everything. 

If you've been living under a rock for the last few month you haven't seen/heard of this new "hot" item kids and parents are laughing about. 

I'm here to tell ya, it's worth every penny. 

Simple concept really and it brings an enormous about of fun with the family. 

I originally planned on only buying Eli one gift this year, which fell threw immediately. I gave him one gift early so we all would be able to enjoy it because our Christmas day is too hectic.  

December 23, 2016

14 Things I Do Every December

We made it.

We finally made it to Friday! Has this been an exhausting 7 days for anyone else? Christmas is in two days and I'm beginning to panic....But who has a stress free December anyways?  I have already made my new years resolution for 2017. Have you?

Mine includes never leave the house for the entire month of December. Everyone and their third cousin comes out of the cracks and behind the trees and fill the parking lots and store. It doesn't help that we live in a "me me me" society and people are angry drivers and even angry shoppers. It's like people have forgot what the 25h is really about.

But I can't be the only one to ever say that. 

I have simply decided to do my shopping throughout the year so come December 1st, this lady isn't a great ball of fire when she gets in her car. Heck I spend more time traveling to the store and waiting in line, than I do actually shopping for a gift. 

December 22, 2016

Christmas Card 2016

This month has been everything but calm. I have been all over the placed emotionally and physically. I'm ready for a fresh start in 2017. But first, what a year it has been.

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