January 25, 2017

This is Going to Hurt

I feel like lately life has been hitting me on the back of the head. nonstop.  More-so telling me to grow up and get my shit together or I'm going to be 30 and not have my life in order. Then I'll always be wondering where I went wrong. Here, here is where it went down hill.

Buckling down is never fun, at least for me it isn't. All my life growing up was based on rules and how to play it safe. Follow the rule and you'll go far... Now that I'm 24 and get to set my own rules, I like a little bit of freedom to do what I want or break the rules.

Adulting is rough and bills aren't fun. I'm constantly wishing and dreaming of the day I can skip through Target throwing all the goodies throw pillows in my cart without a care in the world.

Oh wait, I already do that, hits why I'm telling myself to get my shit together.

Growing up I had a very blessed life, and I was gifted a car when I was 16. Paid for by my parents and all is well.... Until a couple months ago my sweet sweet mint green suv is starting to show her age. She's shaking and crying out for help and she's ready to be put down. Or into a home where she can rest and live out her finally days elsewhere.

So I've come to the realization it's time for a new car. One that I get to pay for on my own. This is huge for me, MAJOR!  Finally, my first "big girl" purchase.

I'm nervous, but excited. I've never had something in my name to be fully responsible for. I'm saving my butt off in hopes that I can keep saving before my granny car poops out on me.

Hows the adult life treating you?

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  1. Right there with you about adulting. Big girl job, saving money, paying bills while trying to balance a fulfilling and happy life. I made he big car purchase last year and totally understand, it is terrifying! But man, I love my new(ish) car with all my heart haha. Wishing you the best of luck!


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