June 27, 2016

It's Finally Summer

I'm excited it's finally Summer because . . . 

I want to wake up in the morning knowing when I go outside the air will be warm and not frigid.

Sunshine!!! I need the warm sun on my skin... all day, every day. Bring on that Vitamin D!

Because I wan't to see how full and green my garden will get and praying nothing dies.

I want to take Newman on long walks without having to worry with about the sun going down before I get home.

I want to spend all day outside rolling around in the grass and drinking wine all night. . . don't judge

Snow Cones and watermelon. Even better watermelon snow cones.

I want to live in sundresses and sandals.
just kidding, no sandals and barefoot weekends.

I need a day at the pool.

Workin' on my fitness. Let's be honest when it's warm outside I feel more motivated to do more and work harder on myself and my appearance.

Margaritas. Lots of margaritas

Summer makes me question why I am living in Indiana and have to deal with the W word...winter. blah

Because I want outdoor concerts.

Fresh markets.

I'm ready for freckled skin, no make up days, and moonlight walk around the neighborhood.

Summer, I love you

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