April 27, 2016


Cooking: Hot pockets and salads. Not together of course. Since Newman, we have been all over the place when it comes to dinners. Hopefully one day soon, we can get back to a normal eating schedule.
Drinking: Blueberry Hibiscus Mammachia. If you are a fellow chia lover than this is the drink for you. Plus, I feel so fancy drinking out of their glass bottles. Another fav is La Croix Passion fruit, if you're into sparkling water. ;)
Reading: Girl on a Train. I am needing a good summer read, to lounge in the grass and stick my nose in, and I've heard this book id where it's at. Have you read this one?
Wanting: Anything and everything to do with outdoor landscaping and gardening-it's a sickness. I'll take a couple of these and a few of those.
Enjoying:The crazy good weather in Indianapolis. Of course, I'm in side all day admiring it through the window. But good thing I don't have allergies.
Loving: This cute little face. Seriously how could you not melt.
Needing: More sleep.
Smelling:My tulips are finally opening. I honestly wish I could just lay in my front lawn all day.
Wearing: This floral off the shoulder top from Target. This store never disappoints.
Watching: Seinfeld and Johnny Carson. We don't have cable, (and don't wish to) and the only time we get to watch tv is when we are getting ready for  bed. So we are stuck with late night reruns.
Bookmarking: I am constantly finding myself pinning and liking so many farmhouse style decor  for this house. I have recently discovered what decor style I am and this one really speaks to me. It's simple, but tells a story with all the older pieces of furniture. This fits me perfectly, because I am always snagging older items from my parents and grandparents.
Feeling: Nervous. Wedding gitters have been on my mind for this entire week and I'm beginning to lose my mind..... and it's not even my wedding. I find myself wanting to make every aspect of my friends wedding perfect, but finding that my wallet can't reach that far. I'm trying to gather my feeling and move them to a more calming and relaxing state.

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