April 15, 2016

Finally Friday

Hello Friends! This week has been crazy around here. Our kitchen still isn't finished, our puppy still isn't potty trained, the laundry is pilling up, and the house is a disaster. Newman is now starting to have a burst of energy in the middle of the night, so our sleep schedule is now out of wack. So I am thrilled it is finally Friday, because this week has moved slow enough. This Momma needs a little TLC.  As usual it's Friday, so I am sharing my 5 Friday Favorites! Here we go! 

1. Newman. Today marks the first week with our little guy! If only we knew what we were really getting into before we got him! ( I still wouldn't change a thing) He has learned how to sit already, but still hates being put in his crate while we leave for the day. 

2. Flowers. I can't seem to keep myself away from the greenhouses at the Home Improvement stores. What feels like a million plants already I just find myself still wanting more and more flowers in my garden. I can't tell if this is a healthy or bad habit? 

3. Wedding. In a little over a month my best friend will be getting married! with just a few weeks away it's crunch time and the nerves are already flowing on my end. Public speccing is my worst nightmare so any tips and trick to conquor my fear in front of 250 people, I would love some advice! How stunning are we all going to look in our bridesmaid dresses

4. Antiquing.  What I'm missing these days. I need more vintage shopping in my life, but there just isn't enough time in the day. Living in Indianapolis has been great, because there are a lot of hidden place to find unique items for the home.  

5. Hair. This week I have been debated on chopping my hair off., but I haven't had the courage to do so yet. I have done this once before and then grew it back out. Now that it's finally long again I keep finding myself wanting to cut it off.... Mostly because I feel like shorter hair makes me look older or at least my age, and my long hair does the opposite... A man at work last week thought I was 16..... I'm 23. This might feel good when I'm about 30 and then people will ask me if I'm in my early 20's. Here is a little Pin-spriration  I have found and the length I thinking. Thoughts? 

Friday Favorites with Narci, Erika, and Andrea  

Five on Friday hosted by KatieTif  and Della 

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