April 5, 2016

Puppy Proofing

Over the summer Dennis and I came up with a little agreement. I get a full-time "big girl" job, and we talk about getting a puppy. Getting a puppy has been something I have talked about since we first started dating..... almost 3 years ago. We already have two cats, we've been living together for over 2 years, just bought our first house together, no kids in the near future......why not get a dog?! 

This Thursday... i'm sorry.....did you hear that, THIS Thursday! eeeeeeekkkkk we will be driving 9 hours to North Carolina. We are leaving Thursday evening when I get off work and driving through the night to pick up our sweet boy in the morning. Fingers crossed we can make a pitstop and catch some z's in between driving. With all my planning and over analyzing I have been purchasing doggy items for weeks now. I have done my research and for the most part feel like we are ready to conquer and enjoy this next chapter in our lives

These are what I have learned to be "must-have" item when getting a dog.... I'm sure I will write a post later if all of these were a waste of my money. 

We went with a leather collar that he can grow into. I wanted something plain and natural so I wouldn't get bored with a color or pattern and want to change it every 5 seconds. Easier on my wallet that way.


Grooming supplies are a must if you are not wanting a sticky fur-ball. I use a fulminator on the cats and it's worth EVERY penny! Go grab one asap.... seriously, go. 

// Brush  // Flea Spray // Furminator // Shampoo // Toothpaste // Nail Clippers //

This dog bed is so pretty I would sleep on it! Check out the link below to see more fun patterns like this one!

// Bed //

This crate is great for crate training and keeping the pup pup somewhere during the day so he isn't tearing into our sofa. Plus this website is selling them for 20% off. 

// Crate //

These toys will have to be a trial to see what he likes and what he doesn't.  How cute is that heart tug-a-war toy?!

Stick around to find out what we are naming our little guy.
Also follow me on Snapchat: steph_wilhite to follow us on our journey to North Carolina this weekend! 

woof, woof

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