April 27, 2016


Cooking: Hot pockets and salads. Not together of course. Since Newman, we have been all over the place when it comes to dinners. Hopefully one day soon, we can get back to a normal eating schedule.
Drinking: Blueberry Hibiscus Mammachia. If you are a fellow chia lover than this is the drink for you. Plus, I feel so fancy drinking out of their glass bottles. Another fav is La Croix Passion fruit, if you're into sparkling water. ;)
Reading: Girl on a Train. I am needing a good summer read, to lounge in the grass and stick my nose in, and I've heard this book id where it's at. Have you read this one?
Wanting: Anything and everything to do with outdoor landscaping and gardening-it's a sickness. I'll take a couple of these and a few of those.
Enjoying:The crazy good weather in Indianapolis. Of course, I'm in side all day admiring it through the window. But good thing I don't have allergies.
Loving: This cute little face. Seriously how could you not melt.
Needing: More sleep.
Smelling:My tulips are finally opening. I honestly wish I could just lay in my front lawn all day.
Wearing: This floral off the shoulder top from Target. This store never disappoints.
Watching: Seinfeld and Johnny Carson. We don't have cable, (and don't wish to) and the only time we get to watch tv is when we are getting ready for  bed. So we are stuck with late night reruns.
Bookmarking: I am constantly finding myself pinning and liking so many farmhouse style decor  for this house. I have recently discovered what decor style I am and this one really speaks to me. It's simple, but tells a story with all the older pieces of furniture. This fits me perfectly, because I am always snagging older items from my parents and grandparents.
Feeling: Nervous. Wedding gitters have been on my mind for this entire week and I'm beginning to lose my mind..... and it's not even my wedding. I find myself wanting to make every aspect of my friends wedding perfect, but finding that my wallet can't reach that far. I'm trying to gather my feeling and move them to a more calming and relaxing state.

April 15, 2016

Finally Friday

Hello Friends! This week has been crazy around here. Our kitchen still isn't finished, our puppy still isn't potty trained, the laundry is pilling up, and the house is a disaster. Newman is now starting to have a burst of energy in the middle of the night, so our sleep schedule is now out of wack. So I am thrilled it is finally Friday, because this week has moved slow enough. This Momma needs a little TLC.  As usual it's Friday, so I am sharing my 5 Friday Favorites! Here we go! 

1. Newman. Today marks the first week with our little guy! If only we knew what we were really getting into before we got him! ( I still wouldn't change a thing) He has learned how to sit already, but still hates being put in his crate while we leave for the day. 

2. Flowers. I can't seem to keep myself away from the greenhouses at the Home Improvement stores. What feels like a million plants already I just find myself still wanting more and more flowers in my garden. I can't tell if this is a healthy or bad habit? 

3. Wedding. In a little over a month my best friend will be getting married! with just a few weeks away it's crunch time and the nerves are already flowing on my end. Public speccing is my worst nightmare so any tips and trick to conquor my fear in front of 250 people, I would love some advice! How stunning are we all going to look in our bridesmaid dresses

4. Antiquing.  What I'm missing these days. I need more vintage shopping in my life, but there just isn't enough time in the day. Living in Indianapolis has been great, because there are a lot of hidden place to find unique items for the home.  

5. Hair. This week I have been debated on chopping my hair off., but I haven't had the courage to do so yet. I have done this once before and then grew it back out. Now that it's finally long again I keep finding myself wanting to cut it off.... Mostly because I feel like shorter hair makes me look older or at least my age, and my long hair does the opposite... A man at work last week thought I was 16..... I'm 23. This might feel good when I'm about 30 and then people will ask me if I'm in my early 20's. Here is a little Pin-spriration  I have found and the length I thinking. Thoughts? 

Friday Favorites with Narci, Erika, and Andrea  

Five on Friday hosted by KatieTif  and Della 

April 12, 2016

We have Expanded by Four Feet : Our First Puppy

Well well well, here is our little man!! Meet Newman. He is a Redbone Coonhound. Everyone thinks he's a Dachshund , but little do they know he's going to quadruple in size.  He is already waking us up at 5:45am, snores like a lion and keeps us on-the-go all day long. Newman has been adjusting well, he still whines when the washing machine turns on, when we leave the room, or when a car horn goes off, but that will soon fade. He sleeps through the night and has only had a few accidents in the house... hopefully he stays that way. His kitty siblings aren't too sure about him yet, but they are coming around slowly. On Thursday of last week we left Indianapolis  and drove straight to North Carolina to pick up our pup the next morning. This was Dennis and I's first "road trip" together and surprising it went really smoothly. He drove while I got to talk his ear off and keep him awake for 9 hours..... I'm sure he loved it. :) We arrive in NC around 5am and was able to get some shut-eye for about 2 hours and then it was time to pick him up at 7am. He was born on a farm with sheep and lots of other dog.  Much to our surprise he slept most of the way back home to Indianapolis, with just a few potty stops along the way. We arrived back in town on Friday in the evening and snoozed the rest of the night away.

So far.... 

+ He would rather play with cat toys than the dozen dog toys his momma bought him

+ For a little guy, he can snore pretty loud

+ He's afraid the jump off the sofa

+ 10lbs going on 90

+ Not a fan of bath time 

+ Loves peanutbutter 

Newman has surpassed all our our expectations and we couldn't be more excited we made this life long decision.

Make sure to follow me on Instagram and snapchat for more updates on Newman and to watch him grow! 
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April 5, 2016

Puppy Proofing

Over the summer Dennis and I came up with a little agreement. I get a full-time "big girl" job, and we talk about getting a puppy. Getting a puppy has been something I have talked about since we first started dating..... almost 3 years ago. We already have two cats, we've been living together for over 2 years, just bought our first house together, no kids in the near future......why not get a dog?! 

This Thursday... i'm sorry.....did you hear that, THIS Thursday! eeeeeeekkkkk we will be driving 9 hours to North Carolina. We are leaving Thursday evening when I get off work and driving through the night to pick up our sweet boy in the morning. Fingers crossed we can make a pitstop and catch some z's in between driving. With all my planning and over analyzing I have been purchasing doggy items for weeks now. I have done my research and for the most part feel like we are ready to conquer and enjoy this next chapter in our lives

These are what I have learned to be "must-have" item when getting a dog.... I'm sure I will write a post later if all of these were a waste of my money. 

We went with a leather collar that he can grow into. I wanted something plain and natural so I wouldn't get bored with a color or pattern and want to change it every 5 seconds. Easier on my wallet that way.


Grooming supplies are a must if you are not wanting a sticky fur-ball. I use a fulminator on the cats and it's worth EVERY penny! Go grab one asap.... seriously, go. 

// Brush  // Flea Spray // Furminator // Shampoo // Toothpaste // Nail Clippers //

This dog bed is so pretty I would sleep on it! Check out the link below to see more fun patterns like this one!

// Bed //

This crate is great for crate training and keeping the pup pup somewhere during the day so he isn't tearing into our sofa. Plus this website is selling them for 20% off. 

// Crate //

These toys will have to be a trial to see what he likes and what he doesn't.  How cute is that heart tug-a-war toy?!

Stick around to find out what we are naming our little guy.
Also follow me on Snapchat: steph_wilhite to follow us on our journey to North Carolina this weekend! 

woof, woof
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