March 24, 2016

My Hair History

Have you ever went back through old photos and regretted an old hair style or color? Well, I sure have.  Let's start in High school. I was never allowed to color my hair growing up and I hardly ever cut my hair so it was long, straight, and never had to worry about styling it. What a dream right? Well I wish I could say the same for it still today..... My natural hair color was a dark brown and I liked to keep my hair at a pretty long length. 

When I was a sophomore in high school I wanted something different so I chopped off ALL my long hair. Whyyyyyy! I loved putting my hair up in a ponytail and with it being too short, I immediately wished my long hair was back. 

By my senior year in high school my hair finally grew back to the length I was more comfortable with. 


After going through a 4 year relationship and having it end so dramatic. It was time to explore life and try new things....  It was time to color my hair! Let's just say my dad wasn't too excited about the color choice I went with. But hey, at least it wasn't bright pink.. Right?  


Right before my 21st birthday I decided to chop my hair off once again. I was feeling the need to look older and thought cutting my hair would do the trick. This time I actually liked it shorter. In fact, I sometime think about cutting it back to this length..... ops did I really just say that?

After growing my hair out AGAIN, I then fell into the "ombre" trend... which following trends is not me at all, so that faze didn't last long. 

Blonde isn't my thang, so I kept my length I slowly started to go back to my natural color. 

Here we are today.... back to my dark color and still trying to grow my hair out. I am thinking about coloring it darker again. What do you think? 

Has your hair change a lot throughout the years? 

March 21, 2016

Spring is Here

Spring Spring Spring! It's finally here and I couldn't be more excited! The Spring and Summer months bring me so much joy and I'm so thrilled the day has finally come! Do you feel the same way? I love the longer days, the evening bike rides, shorts and tanks, but most of all I love to plant flowers in the garden! How is your garden looking so far?

 I went outside to cut back some dead branches and much to my surprise some flowers have already started to bloom. This is all happening much sooner than I ever imagined and I'm over the moon about it! I worked so hard last fall to plant everything so this spring and summer I could just enjoy it and add a few extra plants here and there. It's definitely an addiction I have and I'm not stopping anytime soon. 

Above is a Autumn Joy Sedum which is shown below after it's bloomed. We have a chainlink fence and instead of taking it down and putting up a privacy fence, I decided to add some tall flowers to give us more privacy. Dennis's momma helped me plant these all along the back of our fence and some on the side fence. They are going to look beautiful

These flowers were here when we moved in and I have yet to see them bloom. Any ideas on what this plant is called and what it will look like? I am very excited to find out!   

Behind these plants I added two "Limelight Hydrangea" that will bloom large and really make a

I have never been a huge fan of lilies, but when I googled Tiger Lilies and heard that D's mom was bringing me over a ton, I had the biggest smile on my face! These are all planted along the right side of our chain fence to help us with our privacy. 

Seriously, does is get any prettier than this?

This little one is sprouting and I have no idea what flower this is. Any guesses? Is it a weed? ( I hope not) I have planted so many flowers in the yard, but this one must have been from the previous owners. There are several popping up around the yard! 

I am so excited I found these two shirts while exploring Pinterest! These are joining my wardrobe very soon, because I know I will not be leaving my garden at all this summer. 

//  Here // 
// Here //

Hydrangeas are my absolute most favorite flower so these were a much-have in the garden. So I planted two! One on each side of the shed door! I have heard many stories of how these are extremely hard to keep alive and to bloom. Do you have any advice about these flowers? Anything will help. 

They were blue when I planted them, but I have read they can change colors depending on the soil. I would love it if they would bloom both pink and blue like the picture below! 
Can't wait to find out. 

I got these little guys on sale and the end of Fall and were planted last minute. I am very excited to see them poking their heads out of the ground. I got such a great deal on them I bought three bags and scattered the bulbs throughout the yard. They are going to be everywhere

This plant holds a dear place in my heart. My grandmother and grandfather loved this plant. My mom and dad have it planted in their yard, so it only makes sense now to plant it in our yard now. Next weekend, I plan on finding the perfect shady spot of this beauty! 

When I was planting all my bulbs I lived by this chart. It's so helpful when trying to figure out when is the best time to plant your perennials. 

Charlie and Lana meow like crazy and paw at the windows when we are outside so we bought them leashes and harnesses..... I know, crazy cat people over here! ( I can't imagine what our neighbors were saying when they saw us) 

They aren't fans of the leash.... 

Do you love gardening as much as I do? What is sprouting up in your garden? 
Thanks for stopping by?

March 11, 2016


It's that time again! FRIDAY! I have been running a fever all week and with a sore throat, so I am ecstatic the weekend is almost here! How was your week? I hope you aren't under the weather like myself.

This week I did a very honest post about my true feeling about my HOME TOWN. You can read about them HERE

While I was in bed sick for two days I discovered this new series on Netflix. Chelsea has my rollin no matter what she says, so I knew I would love this show before I pushed the play button, and I wasn't disappointed! What are you waiting for, go check it out! 

SO, we have been throwing out the idea of getting a pup pup this summer and we FINALLY found a breed that will fit our lifestyle!  Redbone coonhound for the win! Look at those cute floppy ears! We are now on the hunt for a breeder to bring home the next 4 legged addition to our little family! We would like a male, so if you have any cute pup names I would love some ideas!

Something about the color green lately has really captured my attention. If you know me really well, you would know that I only love neutrals and hardly ever branch out and wear pops of color. But something about this color might be changing the way I feel. Oh no, whats happening.

On Sunday my little sis said YES to her wedding dress!!! It was a bitter sweet moment! So glad they Skype me to be apart of her special day! Read more here.

How do you spend your Sundays?
You can read about how I spend my favorite day of the week HERE.

Have you met my Orange ball of joy yet?  Well you can right now, if you click  HERE
How cute is he?

Happy Weekend loves!!!

March 9, 2016


My not-so little Charlie Brown has stole my heart like no one has ever before. He sleeps in the bend of my legs at night and doesn't move an inch until morning. We originally went the Humane society to pick up Lana, but they were having a BOGO sale on kittens....(hmmmm dangerous for crazy cats ladies like myself)  sooo as you can tell we left with an extra kitten.... and couldn't be more grateful. He's so goofy, clumsy, lazy, and extremely talkative. He's a mommas boy for sure.

Charlie loves sun spots and posing for pictures. He's so photogenic, he should be on the cover of a bag of cat food.  

Mid-yawn-Someone was due for a nap here.
Charlie loves to be vocal and talk our head off. He's polite though and will wait until you wake up and meow until you are out the door in the morning.. and the same once you get home until it's bedtime. His days must be filled with so much adventure that he has to share every detail

While I get ready for the day Charlie is right by my side watching my every move.

This might be a little TMI, but it's too perfect not to share. When I am home, I never get to be by myself... ever.  Wherever I go, whatever I do they are 2 inches behind me. 

He knows how handsome he is and certainly takes advantage of it when he's getting in trouble.  

I'm so obsessed with this orange fur-ball!
I promise he loves me, but only when it's convenient for him.

Meet Lana HERE

Do you have any fur babies that act this way? 

March 8, 2016

Today I am linking up with Momfessionals for Show and Tell Tuesday and this week we are talking about HOME TOWNS!   To be honest I thought about skipping this one, simply because talking about my home-town isn't easy for me.. But where is the growth in that, right?  As some of you already know I currently live in Indianapolis, Indiana ....which has been my new home for the past 5 years now. I moved here for school, fell in love and now I'm stuck

I love heading home for the weekends, to visit family, but like I said above, I am being honest and I am glad to be back in Indy when the weekend is over. I feel like a weight is lifted off my shoulders when I pull into the drive way and start unpacking my bags. Now, this might make you think that I am heartless and I don't care about my loved ones like I should...well you're wrong.... way wrong. I love them more than life itself and I would do anything to see them more, but being in my hometown brings back a lot of memories I wish to not think about. Many lost friendships, lost family members, failed high school romances, and the list goes on. It's my past and I am only going up from here!

{High school graduation with my late grandmother}

{High school youth group}

I am currently taking a break from college, because I didn't feel my whole heart was into my major. So when going home for the weekends it's a lot of smalltalk and hush hush when people want to talk about school..... makes me feel like I failed and let me family down. 

Now, not everything about my hometown is bad. I am happy for these life lessons, because it has brought me to find love and happiness in the most unexpected places. I would have never met my bestie for life if it weren't for me jumping out of the boat and moving away from home

Most importantly, I would have never met my Dennis if I never left my hometown. I would have most likely went to the same college as my father, lived at home, and dated a boy I went to high school with.... because that's what happens with everyone on my hometown. It is a very "homey" place to be, but everyone seems to get trapped and never leave. In my opinion, there is so much of the world to explore so why stay in one place your whole life?

I can't wait to hear about your hometown! 

March 7, 2016


Monday morning, here I come! Large coffee, check! Positive thoughts, check! Hustle, check!
Drink some coffee, put on your best lipstick, blast Taylor Swift and get to work!
Here we go!

A weekend full of life. We finally cleaned the house from head to toe. We even took a spontaneous trip to our fav home improvement store, bought some paint and gave my old desk a face lift! (I'll show pictures later this week) I have been craving Mexican food and a margarita, so we went out to lunch Saturday.... which is exciting in itself because we NEVER eat out! We even did a little puppy shopping this weekend... but no luck with bringing a little four legged pal home.


Do well, live well, and dress really well. Do what you love, love what you do.

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