March 21, 2016

Spring is Here

Spring Spring Spring! It's finally here and I couldn't be more excited! The Spring and Summer months bring me so much joy and I'm so thrilled the day has finally come! Do you feel the same way? I love the longer days, the evening bike rides, shorts and tanks, but most of all I love to plant flowers in the garden! How is your garden looking so far?

 I went outside to cut back some dead branches and much to my surprise some flowers have already started to bloom. This is all happening much sooner than I ever imagined and I'm over the moon about it! I worked so hard last fall to plant everything so this spring and summer I could just enjoy it and add a few extra plants here and there. It's definitely an addiction I have and I'm not stopping anytime soon. 

Above is a Autumn Joy Sedum which is shown below after it's bloomed. We have a chainlink fence and instead of taking it down and putting up a privacy fence, I decided to add some tall flowers to give us more privacy. Dennis's momma helped me plant these all along the back of our fence and some on the side fence. They are going to look beautiful

These flowers were here when we moved in and I have yet to see them bloom. Any ideas on what this plant is called and what it will look like? I am very excited to find out!   

Behind these plants I added two "Limelight Hydrangea" that will bloom large and really make a

I have never been a huge fan of lilies, but when I googled Tiger Lilies and heard that D's mom was bringing me over a ton, I had the biggest smile on my face! These are all planted along the right side of our chain fence to help us with our privacy. 

Seriously, does is get any prettier than this?

This little one is sprouting and I have no idea what flower this is. Any guesses? Is it a weed? ( I hope not) I have planted so many flowers in the yard, but this one must have been from the previous owners. There are several popping up around the yard! 

I am so excited I found these two shirts while exploring Pinterest! These are joining my wardrobe very soon, because I know I will not be leaving my garden at all this summer. 

//  Here // 
// Here //

Hydrangeas are my absolute most favorite flower so these were a much-have in the garden. So I planted two! One on each side of the shed door! I have heard many stories of how these are extremely hard to keep alive and to bloom. Do you have any advice about these flowers? Anything will help. 

They were blue when I planted them, but I have read they can change colors depending on the soil. I would love it if they would bloom both pink and blue like the picture below! 
Can't wait to find out. 

I got these little guys on sale and the end of Fall and were planted last minute. I am very excited to see them poking their heads out of the ground. I got such a great deal on them I bought three bags and scattered the bulbs throughout the yard. They are going to be everywhere

This plant holds a dear place in my heart. My grandmother and grandfather loved this plant. My mom and dad have it planted in their yard, so it only makes sense now to plant it in our yard now. Next weekend, I plan on finding the perfect shady spot of this beauty! 

When I was planting all my bulbs I lived by this chart. It's so helpful when trying to figure out when is the best time to plant your perennials. 

Charlie and Lana meow like crazy and paw at the windows when we are outside so we bought them leashes and harnesses..... I know, crazy cat people over here! ( I can't imagine what our neighbors were saying when they saw us) 

They aren't fans of the leash.... 

Do you love gardening as much as I do? What is sprouting up in your garden? 
Thanks for stopping by?

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