March 8, 2016

Today I am linking up with Momfessionals for Show and Tell Tuesday and this week we are talking about HOME TOWNS!   To be honest I thought about skipping this one, simply because talking about my home-town isn't easy for me.. But where is the growth in that, right?  As some of you already know I currently live in Indianapolis, Indiana ....which has been my new home for the past 5 years now. I moved here for school, fell in love and now I'm stuck

I love heading home for the weekends, to visit family, but like I said above, I am being honest and I am glad to be back in Indy when the weekend is over. I feel like a weight is lifted off my shoulders when I pull into the drive way and start unpacking my bags. Now, this might make you think that I am heartless and I don't care about my loved ones like I should...well you're wrong.... way wrong. I love them more than life itself and I would do anything to see them more, but being in my hometown brings back a lot of memories I wish to not think about. Many lost friendships, lost family members, failed high school romances, and the list goes on. It's my past and I am only going up from here!

{High school graduation with my late grandmother}

{High school youth group}

I am currently taking a break from college, because I didn't feel my whole heart was into my major. So when going home for the weekends it's a lot of smalltalk and hush hush when people want to talk about school..... makes me feel like I failed and let me family down. 

Now, not everything about my hometown is bad. I am happy for these life lessons, because it has brought me to find love and happiness in the most unexpected places. I would have never met my bestie for life if it weren't for me jumping out of the boat and moving away from home

Most importantly, I would have never met my Dennis if I never left my hometown. I would have most likely went to the same college as my father, lived at home, and dated a boy I went to high school with.... because that's what happens with everyone on my hometown. It is a very "homey" place to be, but everyone seems to get trapped and never leave. In my opinion, there is so much of the world to explore so why stay in one place your whole life?

I can't wait to hear about your hometown! 

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