February 29, 2016


Going to gym is a great way to kick-start the day. Feeling motivated and accomplished before even driving to work is a guarantee mood booster. 

Not just a bowl of cereal or a granola bar. Sit down and have something nutritious that will give your body enough fuel to get you through the morning until lunch. Positive energy is the best energy. I find that eating smoothies is a fast and efficient way to eat breakfast.

Greeting others with a smile not only helps the other person feel good, it brightens your morning as well.

While at work, getting distracted only holds you back and make tasks longer to complete. Staying focused can help the day go by faster too and more efficiently.

Waking up early and taking your time to eat breakfast is important in the morning and helps you not feel rushed while you are running out the door. If you are leaving the house feeling jumbled and a mess than you are bound to be feeling the same why when you arrive to work.

If I don't drink enough water I find myself getting a tad cranky during the day.  Water keeps you hydrated and energized while getting all those emails sent out. 

Making a short list first thing when you get in the office helps you figure out what "must" be done right way and what can wait until after lunch or even till tomorrow. Plus it feels so good to cross items off the list. 

Accomplishing the harder things first in the day make the rest of the afternoon go by much faster and easier.

This gives you the chance to gather your thoughts (make your lists) and organize anything that was left on your desk while running out the door Friday afternoon. 

Nothing is ever fun or goes by fast with a bad attitude. At the end of the day its "just work". Remember you get to go home after the workday is over and relax, so whatever is happening at work is just temporary. 

Messy desks can make for a very stressful day ahead. Keeping things in files and organized properly can make things easy to get to and less jumbled when a stress arises. 

February 24, 2016


It's finally Wednesday! I don't know about you, but I love Wednesday! I am learning so much this week about how I manage stress in a new environment/workplace. Who new starting a new job would be this exhausting.... BUT today I am happy to say that I'm linking up with Cait from Cait's Cozy Corner (one of my must read blogs) and her bestie,  Caitlin from Confessions of a Northern Belle

-  I am secretly obsessed with these "Love Bites" shark socks from the Target Valentines clearance section... how cute are they?!?!? I bought them just to be silly, but they are too fun to take off. (I might have worn them under my business pants this week) shhhhhh 

- This might be more of an accomplishment than a confession.... For the past two weeks I have had Starbucks before work everyday, but today I brought my own coffee.... I have mixed emotions about this. 

February 23, 2016


I did a post a couple weeks ago about 23 fact about myself and I waned to something different here. If you want to get to know me, you must first know that my kitties are my world! Lana is very independent, super smart, loves to sleep under blankets, and likes to sit our my face while I'm sleeping.... no seriously.  She's a little on the weird side so she's perfect.

Lana will not play with cat toys, instead she plays with everything that you need. She will try to take a pen right out of my hand just so she can drop it on the ground. Her favorite toy is a water bottle caps that she can scoot along the hardwood floor.

Everything is hers..... everything

There is not a place in the house where Lana doesn't hang out. 

This is a work in progress. She loves sitting at the window all day and watching the birds. When we lived with the in-laws, they had a cat door that took the kitties out to a small fenced in area. So training them on the harness will be hard, but they will thank me one day for it. 

Lana loves the garage.... did I mention she's super weird? Something about the cold floor and the bugs she finds makes her extremely happy. So if the door to the garage is open a little to long she's out there in a heart beat. 

February 12, 2016

Currently :Friday Favorite

This week I am linking up with Momfessionals for "Friday Favorites"
and September FARM for "Oh Hey FRIDAY!"

I can NOT travel without these two items!! D drives so he's in charge of the AC/Heat... which normal means I'm freezing!!! So to keep this gal happy I need my favorite blanket from Target!! If you haven't tried V8 Fusion Energy, go to Target right now and pick up your first pack! It's a great boost of energy and helps me stay awake so I can keep Dennis entertained during our 3 hours drive. oHHH and did I mention it's all natural energy from green tea!!! SCORE!

I loved helping my sister wedding plan! Find out what we were up to last weekend here. I'm never taking this Bride sticker off.
P.S I'm not engaged.

Target did it AGAIN!!!! Valentines Day is this weekend and I may or may not have picked up a few cute things to decorate the house with for Sunday!

My not-so favorite moment of the week was going to the doctors.... Something about doctor offices have allllllwasy freak me out,  mostly because I'm a wuss when I comes to needles. BUT I got a new job this week (whoop whoop) so I had to get a physical and a TB test... I'm still alive and I'm extremely glad that part of my week was over with.

My sister turning 21was so exciting and weird. Exciting because we took her out for drinks and dancing but weird, because she's my baby sister and seeing her drinking a long island doesn't seem right to me. She had a blast though and I can't wait to take her out again.

Have a wonderful weekend friends!!! 

February 11, 2016


This week I have been talking nonstop about last weekend. Family means so much to me and when I get to see them I like to cherish every moment. We don't get to travel down to Evansville that often so when we do it's nice to capture all the moments I can so I have them forever

I'm all for creativity and this kid shares the same love! Last weekend we had beautiful weather so being outside was a must! We colored and colored. By the end we had chalk in our hair and all over our clothes. Now that I think about it taking and bath before playing outside probably wasn't the best idea.... but auntie is new to all this "kid" stuff. 

Since it was so nice outside Eli thought it was best to trim up the yard a bit. I wonder where he gets this from cough cough, Grandpa. 

This weekend Eli told me he wants to be just like Dennis, and how could that not melt my heart? Seeing Dennis play with Eli makes my checks hurt. I'm so proud of D and how he takes on the "uncle" role so well. Btw all the kool kids need this dino helmet from TARGET

Screw diets, drink sugar!!! 
I went inside to get him some WATER and he tricked me into opening these instead. My heart can't tell this little one no

Oh, did I mention Eli got his first "car" for his third birthday?!? Ummm yea!  Jack is also loving' his new ride! Where Eli goes Jack follows.....with his tail in-between his legs. 

Thanks for hanging out!

February 10, 2016


Yes, yes, you read it right. My LITTLE sister is getting married! This weekend we had so much fun doing a few wedding preparations. She is not getting married until the summer of 2017, but you can never plan to far in advanced. 

This just might be the crazy sister talking, but shopping for dresses is so much fun! Heather is not very good at visualizing dresses on herself, so I get to pull a ton of fun ones for her to try one.... and mostly turn down before she even tires them on. 

All very different, but so hard to pick from. 

 She wasn't too excited about this picture. 
After trying on dresses (and having no luck) we went to SUPER BRIDE SUNDAY after church. It was FREE to get in and we "tested" all the cupcakes and free food to get an idea of what she wants at her wedding. 

Then after stuffing our faces with cupcakes, we watch a mini fashion show showing off all the new dresses from House of White.

I'm not even engaged, but I think I already found my dress. 
Is that bad luck?

Being in Evansville you are bound to run into someone you know..... or 5. We had to stop by our favorite booth and take a picture! (My mom works there

By the end of the day we were exhausted, but I was super pumped because it finally hit my that my sister is GETTING MARRIED! ohhh and might have taken over the Bride sticker when we got in the car....... engaged looks good on me, right? ;) 

February 9, 2016


This weekend I was in Evansville for my nephews 3rd birthday and it was so much fun! We had a very busy weekend full of fun activities and lots of family time. My sister always goes above and beyond for Eli's birthday parties and this one was my favorite so far! It was Super Bowl weekend so it was perfect that his party was sports themed! 

February 8, 2016


Recently I have fallen head over heels for flannel!! Mostly because they are fuzzy and warm but also because you can wear them in so many ways. Flannel is seriously one of the best versatile pieces of clothing in my closet.  Below I have listed my 9 ways I wear my favorite flannel top with inspiration pieces below each one! 

1. Lets start with my favorite!!! 
Throwing a sweater over the flannel fancies it up a bit. If you are feeling adventurous, try adding a bold necklace. I loved this look so much that I ended up wearing it the rest of the day.


Similar Sweater / Similar Flannel 

2. I always feel like a teacher when I wear this cardigan/flannel combo.

Wanting to add a splash of color? Try this Flannel and  Ripped jean

3. This look is perfect for dinner with the girls.
Wear the flannel with jeans during the day and for the night switch to a skirt. 

February 5, 2016


Happy Friday!!!! I'm so excited it's Friday mainly because I am heading home to Evansville for the weekend and because I'm linking up with Momfessionals for the SECOND time this week! 

Check out my Show and Tell Tuesday

We had a little bitty warm front come through so I threw on my bright floral dress and mixed things up a bit at Starbucks and got a cold frapuccino.  

This dress is from where else? TARGET-my second home! Find it here

Please tell me I'm not the only one in love with these "adult" coloring books? Plus, this one is all cats so it's a double win! 

The sun was so bright this week I was in heaven! Some how my indoor garden keeps growing and growing and I'm loving all the added greenery! How adorable is my sign in the window too?

This week I have been CRAVING popsicles and my wish was granted! These are amazing and a great way to please my sweet tooth. Can you tell what I'm waiting in the background?? That's right, The BACHELOR! Is Olivia staying or leaving??? What do you think? I personally throw a pillow at the TV when "To Be Continued" came on the screen. Grrrrr ABC knows how to keep me coming back every Monday. 

Happy Weekend! Sit back and put your feet up or go out and get crazy so you have stories for Monday! Either way have a blast!

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