February 4, 2016


Hey guys! I am linking up with Kristen, who is the author of my new favorite blog! If you haven't already you need to check her out!! She's from Australia  and she loves CATS!! 
Ok, ok it doesn't take much to sell me on something/ someone so once I found out she's a lover of cats, I was sold for life

Whats New with Me: 
Heading home for the Weekend! 

This weekend my little nephew turns THREE (yay, no more terrible twos!) and we get to celebrate all weekend long! I haven't seen him since Christmas so this will be a much needed trip for his crazy  auntie. Can you help me though, he's so so stinkin' cute! Plus we are taking my lil sister out for her 21st and that will be a very memorable....or forgettable night! 
I am beyond the moon excited to see my loved one. 

What's New with Me: 
Getting back on track with my fitness goals!

I have not been eating the best lately and I think that's why I have been exhausted lately. I'm starting back on my infused waters and hitting up the gym. I made a few monthly goals and I plan to stick to each and every one. 

What's New with Me:
I cant's stop singing along to Die A Happy Man by Thomas Rhett.

Most likely because it's almost Valentines Day and this song is extremely romantic, but I can't help but play it all day on repeat. Something about the sweet sweet words just makes me smile and think about my Dennis. Watch the video above and melt in your seat with me-I promise it will be your new favorite song! 

Thanks for stopping by! Stay a while, look around and hangout!

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