February 23, 2016


I did a post a couple weeks ago about 23 fact about myself and I waned to something different here. If you want to get to know me, you must first know that my kitties are my world! Lana is very independent, super smart, loves to sleep under blankets, and likes to sit our my face while I'm sleeping.... no seriously.  She's a little on the weird side so she's perfect.

Lana will not play with cat toys, instead she plays with everything that you need. She will try to take a pen right out of my hand just so she can drop it on the ground. Her favorite toy is a water bottle caps that she can scoot along the hardwood floor.

Everything is hers..... everything

There is not a place in the house where Lana doesn't hang out. 

This is a work in progress. She loves sitting at the window all day and watching the birds. When we lived with the in-laws, they had a cat door that took the kitties out to a small fenced in area. So training them on the harness will be hard, but they will thank me one day for it. 

Lana loves the garage.... did I mention she's super weird? Something about the cold floor and the bugs she finds makes her extremely happy. So if the door to the garage is open a little to long she's out there in a heart beat. 

Christmas time is her favorite time of the year.... I couldn't get over how cute she was sleeping under the tree that the presents had to go beside the tree last year and not under it. 

Organizing is a nightmare with this little lady.

Do you have a cat like my Lana? Stop by next week to read about my other fur child! 

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