February 8, 2016


Recently I have fallen head over heels for flannel!! Mostly because they are fuzzy and warm but also because you can wear them in so many ways. Flannel is seriously one of the best versatile pieces of clothing in my closet.  Below I have listed my 9 ways I wear my favorite flannel top with inspiration pieces below each one! 

1. Lets start with my favorite!!! 
Throwing a sweater over the flannel fancies it up a bit. If you are feeling adventurous, try adding a bold necklace. I loved this look so much that I ended up wearing it the rest of the day.


Similar Sweater / Similar Flannel 

2. I always feel like a teacher when I wear this cardigan/flannel combo.

Wanting to add a splash of color? Try this Flannel and  Ripped jean

3. This look is perfect for dinner with the girls.
Wear the flannel with jeans during the day and for the night switch to a skirt. 

4. Simple and easy. 
Wear your flannel open and half tucked in the front.

5. Adding a flannel around your waist is perfect for the fall, because when it gets cooler in the evenings you can take it off your waist and wear it normally. 
Both pretty and functional!


Similar Dress  / Bright Flannel 

6. You can never go wrong with throwing on your favorite flannel to any outfit.


Similar Flannel / Jeans

7. Perfect way to wear your cute summer dress all year around by adding a flannel. If you need a little more warmth add leggings and boots.

 Dress / flannel.  

8. Easy winter/fall layering!  Perfect for chilly days!

9. Tie your flannel around your waist for a '90s grunge vibe. This is also great in the fall when the weather can't make up it's mind.

V-Neck / Flannel

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