February 11, 2016


This week I have been talking nonstop about last weekend. Family means so much to me and when I get to see them I like to cherish every moment. We don't get to travel down to Evansville that often so when we do it's nice to capture all the moments I can so I have them forever

I'm all for creativity and this kid shares the same love! Last weekend we had beautiful weather so being outside was a must! We colored and colored. By the end we had chalk in our hair and all over our clothes. Now that I think about it taking and bath before playing outside probably wasn't the best idea.... but auntie is new to all this "kid" stuff. 

Since it was so nice outside Eli thought it was best to trim up the yard a bit. I wonder where he gets this from cough cough, Grandpa. 

This weekend Eli told me he wants to be just like Dennis, and how could that not melt my heart? Seeing Dennis play with Eli makes my checks hurt. I'm so proud of D and how he takes on the "uncle" role so well. Btw all the kool kids need this dino helmet from TARGET

Screw diets, drink sugar!!! 
I went inside to get him some WATER and he tricked me into opening these instead. My heart can't tell this little one no

Oh, did I mention Eli got his first "car" for his third birthday?!? Ummm yea!  Jack is also loving' his new ride! Where Eli goes Jack follows.....with his tail in-between his legs. 

Thanks for hanging out!

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