July 5, 2016

Planning a Bachelorette Party: Louisville Kentucky

This summer I had to honor of planning a surprise "destination" Bachelorette party for my best friend and her 17 close friends and family. YES, I said 17! This was most certainly a nerve wrecking experience, but I like to think I handled it gracefully and hit it out of the park!
Planning a Bachelorette Party

When planning something like this for a large amount of people.... especially women you have to be organized. About 1 month before the big weekend I sent out a schedule itinerary for the day and with all the events and prices. This gave the ladies enough time to gather the money they needed, get their outfits together, and plan on who's carpooling with who. Being the host I need to stay on my A game and make sure everyone that was attending knew what the plan was and to be on time.... which no matter how much you stress, ladies are always late..... cough cough, you know who you are. 
Forth Street Live Louisville Kentucky

Our Bachelorette destination was Louisville Kentucky. #YuckyInKentucky
For us Indy gals, this was a nice change of pace and something out of the ordinary but still closet home. Forth Street Live is the place to be when visiting Louisville! 
Bachelorette Party Favors
oh hey, you can't have a bachelorette party without the grooms head on a popsicle stick to bring out to the bars.  By the end of the night all the ladies were snapping pictures with their "Gio's" drinking at the bar, peeing, and dancing on the dance floor. A few ladies even kept them after the weekend and brought then to the wedding. For such a last minute party favor, it turned out to be the best.

Break Out Escape Game

I wanted to plan something different and since everything was a secret to the Bride-to-be I wanted to do something she would NEVER guess....  no pole dance class,  no "Wine and Canvas", and no strip clubs. If you haven't heard of The Breakout Game or The Escape Game, it's worth checking out.

Bachelorette Jello Shots

After lunch we went back to the hotel and got ready for the rest of the night.

Which included some naughty gifts and some jello shots . . .  oh and games of course.

We had dinner at the Market Place just a few blocks from 4th street. This restaurants was the place to be! Do you see the purple light in the background? It's like the whole place knew we were coming!

^ did I mention I planned a surprise out of town Bachelorette party for 17 ladies . . .

I like to think she had a blast. What do you think?

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  1. Lovely post!! Good to see everyone enjoying the party. I will be hosting my cousin’s bachelorette party soon at one of elegant Los Angeles venues. Have been collecting best ideas for the day as want to have everything fabulous there.


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