July 19, 2016

Decorating for a Bachelorette Party

Recently I was blessed with the title of Maid of Honor in my best friends wedding. With this being my first time (MOH virgin over here)I was beyond overwhelmed and way in over my head... but I like to think I pulled it off very well! But you be the judge and let me know. 

The destination was Louisville Kentucky #yuckyinkentucky. For us Indy chicks this was a fun way to mix things up. I stuck with the color scheme of the Brides wedding, gold and purple and added a few fun things along the way.

Everyone got their very own "Gio head" to take with the dinner and out on the town. This was a last minute add-on and it was the most talked about weeks after the bash. Some of the ladies kept theirs and brought them to the wedding. 

You can't have a party without party favors. Simple purple nail polish with tule fabric wrapped with gold ribbon. Such a simple DIY that anyone can do.... even if you're overwhelmed, have your bf give it a try.

^safe to say we had plenty of booze. 

^ sorry mom 

Worth the extra $$. All the ladies were taking selfie with the poster and the bride even took it home to show the groom. 

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