July 20, 2016

S'more Family Weekend in Indianapolis

Family family family! I miss my family! Every single one of them.... even you Nick. (My sister's fiancé) They mean the world to me and I am counting the days until they come visit..... 16 days to be exact.


We finally got to break in out new fire pit the right way. Around two greedy dogs, and a 3 year old that wanted to pretty much jump into the fire.... Ideal right?

I think this kid had about 6. . .  I'm not kidding.

THIS kid! He is so full of life, sarcasm, and just plain wit. He knows how to make everyone smile and feel so loved.  
^ I think I need a whiskey and coke to calm this baby fever.

I wouldn't be upset if Eli took up baseball.... just maybe his momma shouldn't teach him how to swing.

Starbucks and toddles...wait now I'm in heaven. Of course Eli didn't "like" his small frappuccino and insisted we trade with my large.

This is pretty much how every family weekend ends up. We are always on the go and never sitting still, trying to make the most out of our visit and naps a rare... Hints why the boys got to squeeze in a nap while the ladies get ready. 

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