July 28, 2016

Weekend Getaway: Corey Lake, Michigan

I'm a little over due, but a few weekends ago, we all went to Lake Michigan! This has been a place where Dennis and I have gone for several years, with his family. It's a small quite lake, for this tiny family of ours which = perfection. This year we brought along our Newman! While my momma bear mode kicked in a few times, with Newman jumping in the water for the first time, and standing at the tip of the boat catching all the wind in his ears. Besides those moments of pure terror it was relaxing weekend with the family. 

Lake Michigan

Ok, everyone knows that I can be a bit of a control freak. This weekend was no exception. With taking on the new role of "doggy parent" I have been a worrying mess. . . 24/7 I have this new living creature that depends on me to keep him safe, healthy, and most importantly alive. ( I can't imagine having a child) He's full of energy and always on the go. I never want to loos this four legged turd, but I am doing my best to "loosen" the leash.

Redbone Coonhoud

The Daily Tay

Walks are a must to get this little growing guys energy out, and Lake Michigan was the best spot to do so. The weather, the trails, everything was wonderful. Love my shirt? If you have a pup, this shirt is a MUST. Taylor over at the The Daily Tay  is the wonder genius that sells these shirts!You can order yours on her Etsy Page along with a few other most haves. I might have order the "Let's Day Drink" shirt too.

Lake Michigan

^^^I think lily pads are my new favorite thing

Lake Michigan

Boat rides out on the lake to attempt to catch a few fish. . .  only caught 2.  Which lead to a 2 week sunburn on my legs that pealed for another 2 weeks... it was great.

Lake Michigan

I mean, look how crystal clear this water is? How is this not paradise.

Lake Michigan

Redbone Coonhound

Newman liked loved rolling around in the sand all day, and

Lake Michigan

Wherever we travel, we must find a hiking trail. . .  must.

Lake Michigan

This trail was a floating walkway on top of a small part of the lake. It weaved in and out though brush and plants. Something I've never experienced before. It was wobbly and uneven, but very adventurous and something we will make a tradition out of.

This place was heaven and the perfect getaway with our family just for the weekend.

Redbone Coonhound
At first we both weren't excited about driving in the back, but it was nice to caught up on some Zzz's 

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