November 8, 2016

Turkey Run State Park

Last weekend my sweet sweet Dennis, got me the GoPro Hero 5 for my birthday. We like to hike and explore and what better way than to start documenting our adventure with this camera! We had high hopes for this camera and were so excited to video and take picture this weekend on our hike. Although we weren't too thrilled about the outcome of the quality of the videos and photos, below are some of my favorite that turned out ok! 

Turkey Run State Park was by far one for the books this weekend. Neither of us had been here before and this might have become our favorite spot. And after our poor experience with the GoPro we will certainly have to go back to get getting quality photos! Turkey Run is about an hour and a half West, from Indianapolis. This is a typical driving distance from he city to really get in the heart of nature and explore its beauty. 

If you are bring a pet these trails are very doable, just make sure you look at the map first and avoid the trails with ladders. Our pup is large so carrying him up wooden ladders would not be enjoyable. For us or the dog. We did see one lady carrying her four legged friend in a chest baby carrier. Whatever gets you out of the house, right! Newman did really well and this was one of the easier hikes we have taken him on. He loves running through leaves so taking him here during the fall was thrilling for him. 

This trail was moderate with some tight areas along cliffs, but if you watch your step you'll be good to go. 

Depending on the weather I would dress appropriate, but there was no tall brush to walk through so long pants and tall socks weren't needed. The trails were fairly wide and even are shared in some areas with horses. Our hound dog, found plenty of scents along the way. You did have to walk through... or jump over a few streams down in the covers, so I would recommend closed toe shoes. 

November 7, 2016

Our Farmhouse Shutters: How To

Ever since we purchased our home in September 2015, I have been itching to work on our curb appeal. Our home is beautiful but it just needs a little updating and charter. Last month, once again my parents made our vision come to life. We finally were able to add our dream shutter to our house and I was surprised how inexpensive and quick this process took. 

Farmhouse Shutters

November 2, 2016

Time for a Change

Last week I decided I was tired of feeling exhausted by noon and wanting to go to bed by 5. I was tired of having to rely on Starbucks iced coffees to get my going in the morning.( My poor wallet)

I was tired of skipping meals and then stuffing myself when I became too hungry, make me feel bloated and even more tired than I was before I ate. 

I was finally tired of all the excuses of not making it to the gym. Last week something flipped, and I wasn't letting anyone tell me no. 

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