November 7, 2016

Our Farmhouse Shutters: How To

Ever since we purchased our home in September 2015, I have been itching to work on our curb appeal. Our home is beautiful but it just needs a little updating and charter. Last month, once again my parents made our vision come to life. We finally were able to add our dream shutter to our house and I was surprised how inexpensive and quick this process took. 

Farmhouse Shutters

Here is our supply list:
  • 1×4 poplar boards (but you can do any size)
  • compound miter saw
  • wood glue
  • nail gun and nails (1 1/4″, 18 gauge finish nails)
  • tape measure
  • stain  (We used MinWax, Espresso.)
  • rubber gloves and cloths for staining
Measure the height of the window and cut shutters to appropriate length. Then glue together with wood glue. After, add and cut the horizontal piece with nails. Once complete, stain and attach to exterior wall. 

Farmhouse Shutters

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