November 2, 2016

Time for a Change

Last week I decided I was tired of feeling exhausted by noon and wanting to go to bed by 5. I was tired of having to rely on Starbucks iced coffees to get my going in the morning.( My poor wallet)

I was tired of skipping meals and then stuffing myself when I became too hungry, make me feel bloated and even more tired than I was before I ate. 

I was finally tired of all the excuses of not making it to the gym. Last week something flipped, and I wasn't letting anyone tell me no. 

Yesterday I turned 24 and I started thinking...why am I not working on myself more? I am constantly on the go, always wanting the next new thing, not sitting still. This should be the prime of my life and health. I'm never going to be this young again so what am I doing stuffing my face with Cheetos and eating tons and tons of ice cream, with no outdoor exercise. Why am I not taking care of my body the way it was intended to be taken care of? 

These are all great questions followed by stupid excuses. I'm running out.

The weather is started to change and maybe thats what officially put me over the edge. Maybe. 

I don't want to sit through another winter making silly fitness goals that I know I'm not even going to attempt.

I need something that allows me to work on my own time and at my own pace. I need something that is not a "quick fix" or a fad diet. I need real result that are going to last and stick with my lifestyle. I need and life overhaul... yesterday

You might look at me and think, why does she need to loose weight? It's not about that, it's about me wanting to better myself and better my health, for me. I see women all the time, getting fit for a wedding and stressing out about not fitting into their dress, when right after the weddings over they gain it all right back. These women are more worried about looking good in their photos. Or working so hard to work off that baby weight, but not having enough time to do so post baby. Resulting in wearing bagging clothes and an exhausted momma. 

I don't want to be that woman who starts too late or who starts soully to look good and the main focus being not to feel good and be healthy, but just striving for a "better" image. I want to start now, not right before my wedding, not after having a baby. I want to start even before there is a ring on my finger, before my wedding day, before children. 

I'm at a time in my life where I need to be shellfish. I need to focus on bettering myself before can better others, let alone offspring. Children learn by example, so what would I be teaching if I was not eating right and taking care of myself. I know I know..... push the breaks. No babies in the near future, nor is there talk. But this topic has lit a fire under me and I just can't see any other reason why not to start working on a better me.

I want to be happy with my body so when wedding plans come I'm not consumed with my weight on the scale. When the time comes for me to have kids I don't want to shovel my entire kitchen down my throat because I have an excuses because I'm eating for two. When I, if I get pregnant I want that to be the time when I am my healthiest. I want to make sure I am bettering not only my body but the one wrong inside of me.

I'm simply ready for a lifestyle and it's starting Monday. I'm not expert, but I have been reading and on education overload nonstop these last few days about this program and all the yummy goodness it provides. This product is 100% organic and packed with all the antioxidants and super fruits I need to stay healthy and energized throughout the day. What's not to love already.?

Stick around in the next couple of days to see how it's going and how I'm feeling.  

If you would like more information about this program and their products, please comment below or shoot me and email at or you can visit my website here

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