October 26, 2016

Fall Favorites

When fall season arrives, everyone freaks out with excitement and I feel like I'm the total opposite over here.  I'm all about the hot hot hot weather. Give me high 80's and I'm a happy camper. I love the summer days when I can throw on a tank and shorts and sit outside and sweat it all out. Something about knowing the snow is coming is starting to put me down and make me anxious. After all, Christmas is in only 2 months!! I haven't even began to think about Christmas shopping. Oh the lines and the traffic!!! 

I've never been good in the cold weather, even the brush of a cold breeze against my skin makes we want to put three scarves on and hide under a blanket. It doesn't help that this Indiana weather can't make up it's mind, so you are prepared for a blizzard in the morning, but by noon it's time to throw on some sunscreen and put on your denim shorts and flip-flops. Am I the only one that feels this way? Do you live somewhere where the weather can't make up it's mind? 

When winter finally comes I always turn into a bear and hide inside until Spring arrives. I always have high hopes for myself and try to set goals and always come up with a plan to correct this problem, but who are we kidding, that why they invented Netflix right? I stopped watching TWD around season 4 and have been thinking about picking it back up... but hearing the spoiler alerts this week I think I might pass. Thoughts?

Fall fashion is being talked about everywhere you look. It's in magazines, on TV, in stores and on your phones....all over your phone.  We eat and breathe fall fashion as soon as the first leaf starts to turn. Despite the weather changes and how I truly feel about these next four months. We can all agree that fall is the best time to expand the wardrobe! Target is my go-to shop of everything fall fashion, well basically my place for everything. Wether it's for the kitchen, closet, or home decor. Target is the place you should always turn to first.
Target fall fashion

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