October 7, 2016

Adore Me and the Truth About Feeling Sexy

Last week I was asked to participate in the #sexysummerlingerie by Adore Me, and at first I thought no way, me...sexy? They must have emailed the wrong gal. As I was gathering my items, taking a picture, and even right now-typing I'm still unsure about how I feel 100% sexy and comfortable in my own skin. I am very confident in my own skin, but I have also came to the conclusion I'm no VS model. While I was going through my drawers, looking and searching I kept thinking how "unsexy" I am and how nothing that I own fits this category, but then I found the items I go to bed in almost every night.

Heres the thing. I'm the definition of awkward. I hold my body terribly and slouch when I shouldn't. I never know what to do with my hands when I take a picture and they always end up looking scary and large. Half the time I forget to put mascara on both eyes. I bite my nails more than I should and don't wear nail polish because of it. I hate everything about wearing pants, so the first moment I can find they come flying off, and sometimes I forget to pull the curtains so god bless my neighbors that pass by. I apologize.

Although I am extremely weird and awkward, I do have a few things that make me feel good. Gardening, more so planting new flowers than pulling weeds, starting my day off with a cup of iced coffee with peppermint, dreaming about owning a flock of chickens, yoga pants and my sunglasses. My hair can go from 0 to 10 in less than a second with the added sunglass headband look...Which I tend to rock more than I should. At the end of the day I love to curl into bed in my pink silky nightgown with my makeup all off, face scrubbed, and fresh moisturizer on my face. (You're never too young to fight wrinkles), my hair still wet from the shower and my body covered in lotion. The thought of rough skin makes me feel uncountable so when I get into bed with silky smooth skin I sleep like a baby. I feel my most sexy when my face is bare and I can just be me.

My Adore Me flatlay might not be perfect, but it perfectly fits me and how I feel sexy.  I challenge you to play along with the #sexysummerlingerie. Adore Me has a fun new line of lingerie sets. I think I will be purchasing this Kelsey silky robe to go with my silly nightgown.  Don't forget to head on over to their Pinterest page to checkout the other #sexysummerlingerie flatly that have been created.

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