October 3, 2016

My Very Own Dream Bedroom

My vision has finally come to life and I'm so happy to share with you the outcome of our new master bedroom! We have been in our home for a little over a year now and we finally have a bedroom that fits our needs and our "family." Yes all 5 of us. For the last year we have been sleeping on my grandmothers old mattress.... I know, gross and I have been using a stool as a nightstand and it's been every bit of a nightmare. So to say the least, it was long over due to pick out a bedroom set.

When we first moved into our home we made sure to stick with basic neutral wall colors, because my tastes are constantly evolving and we decided this was the only time we are painting. For the bedroom I went in a complete opposite direction, I wanted to pick out a color that was warm, bold, and romantic. Navy instantly stuck out to me. It's the perfect mainly color with a plenty of options to add a feminine touch. Few months past and I was starting to regret going so dark and bold, I was starting to feel like it did not fit in with the  farmhouse theme we have going on throughout the house. But thanks to Ashley Furniture for helping us find the perfect bedroom set that I had in mind from the beginning. I'm so happy we made such a bold decision with our color scheme and can't wait to get started on the rest of the house. 

target bedding

target bedding

When designing this space I wanted to make it a very gender neutral environment. Since the space is shared by both myself and Dennis, it is only fair to think of both of our styles. Dennis is more bold and defined, while I am more sensitive and reserved. By using the darker tones of blues and greens with softer creams and tans makes a perfect balance for colors. 

// Duvet Cover //

Target bedding

I personally love the added feminine touches in the wall decor with the manly aztec patterns in the pillows. 

Kirkland Wall Decor

My first time in Kirklands was a blast. There were a ton of different options to chose from and luckily  I snagged the last 3. These square wooden displays were exactly what I was looking for to finish the space.

Kirklands Wall Decor

taregt aztec pillows

I had my eye on these bad boys for months and months and they finally went on sale so I jumped on the last three at the store. They weren't extremely pricy in the beginning, but redoing a room isn't cheap so I was trying to stretch my money as far as possible.

target aztec pillows
// Similar Pillows //

When first looking at a bedroom set I wanted to go with white or even an off white color, because the walls are so dark. Then I thought about how fancy and "adult" fabric head boards look and wanted that. Then we walked into Ashley and my entire vision was flipped upside down when I fist saw this bed. Going back to a gender neutral bed set white was not the way to go. The dark woods and metal accents was the perfect combo to add softer touches to later.
// Panel Bed //

Target Woven Wall Decor
^^^ This should be in a Target #ad ;)
Target Woven Wall Decor

Ok, ok. This piece was the icing on the cake for me. Literally! D loves when I run decor choices by him first because sometimes my visions can be a little extreme and I need to be reeled back in and told to "put it back." Myself and my wallet are very grateful for this. But this piece was an exception, I HAD to have it! I purchased it without him there because I knew he would think I was crazy when I tried to explain that this pretty "rug" hangs on the wall. So when I got home he certainly looked at it weird and thought I was a bit crazy for my decision making, but once he saw it on the wall he was far from upset. It was perfect. I have always been a fangirl for woven fabric on the walls, but never thought I had the perfect setting for them. After hanging this piece in the bedroom I wanted one in every room of the house. Obsessed is an understatement. The little aztec details went perfectly with the matching blue and green throw pillows. 

Target Woven Wall Decor

Target Woven Wall Decor

target Lamps

Target is my place for everything and their lamp aisle is out of this world! I was in the aisle for roughly 30 minutes before making the final decision... I wish I was kidding. Along with the rest of the room I wanted to purchase prices that made a statement, but without overlapping and yelling at each other. The rest of our house is decorated in a farmhouse style and these lamps are just that. I originally had other lamps that were bolder but thought my final choice made more sense with the rest of the house. These were perfect for tying in with the rest of the house. 

Hobby Lobby Home Decor

// Globe // // Baskets // Dresser // 

Hobby Lobby Home Decor

Ashley Furniture Dresser

// Dresser // 

Ashley Furniture

Target Home Decor

//  Chest // 

Target Home Decor

Compliments of Target clearance, local garage sale shhhhhh , and TJ Max I was able to put together the top section of our dresser chest. When something $19.99 original price goes on sale for $7.99 it's a must buy situation. Luckily this Target purchase fit perfectly in our new bedroom.

Target Home Decor

How do you think our bedroom turned out? Is it missing something? I would love any feedback you have! Happy Monday.

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