June 28, 2016

Hiking: Indianapolis Eagle Creek Park

Newman just keeps growing and growing. I know this is something all "dog moms" and most certainly human moms say all the time . . . But now I can relate. He has literally double in size since we got him and it's unbelievable. We are starting him young and getting him used to car ride and hiking. So far he's not too sure about sticking his head out the window (perfectly ok with this crazy obsessive momma) but is loving hiking. We have finally found something to wear him out! 

Redbone Coonhound Dog
This hound dog knows how to find a good trail.
Redbone Coonhound Dog
^ so far loves the water.  

^"mom please stop, you're embarrassing me in front of the other dogs"
Redbone Coonhound Dog
^ok, we're done here
^i'm pretty lucky,  right?
Redbone Coonhound Dog

When Dennis and I first started dating we took a picture at this exact same spot, so it was fitting to recreate it, but now with out "plus one". 

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