February 3, 2016


Ruffled cakes are so simple and sweet with so much detail at the same time!
They are super easy to create but look like they take hours of hard work. 
Once you get the technique down I guarantee this will be you new favorite cake design

Start by layering your cakes. This cake is a 6" cake on a 8" cake board. In-between the layers is buttercream icing. Here is a similar recipe I found on Pinterest. Life wouldn't be the same without Pinterest. 

Next you "dirty ice" the cake. This does not have to be perfect, because you won't see this part. This is only added so the ruffles have something to adhere to.
Use this Wilton angled spatula to apply the icing to get a smooth finish. 

Once that is finished you will need the 104 Wilton Petal Tip

Attach the petal tip to a coupler and then fill your icing bag with the buttercream icing. Ruffling uses a lot of icing, so I had to fill up three times. 

With the bigger opening facing the cake start to slowly squeeze on the bag while moving the tip side to side. This works best if you have the bag in one hand while turning the turntable with the other. Once one row is finished start on the next.


The ruffles do not have to be perfect and thats why this style is my favorite! 

Once the side ruffles are finished them move on to the top the same way as the sides. 

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Grab a cup of joe' and look around! 

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