February 2, 2016


Hey, friends! It's Show and Tell Tuesday and I am linking up with  Momfessionals! I am new to this link up and I wasn't going to join in until the next one, but this one seemed too fun to pass up!

 He can just look at me and he's stolen my heart forever.

I love flowers and chocolate and everything romance. But to me its not about the "stuff" or the "chores" it's all about spending time together. quality time. Taking a step back from the world and just focusing on each other. Whether it's dinner out or game night at home. I truly cherish those moment when it's just the two of us. When Dennis tells me how much I am appreciate, valued, and loved is when I truly melt. Sometimes when Dennis is feeling romantic I get blessed with poems! He has a way with words that make my heart stop, you can't help but  fall in love over and over again with every new poem.  

There is no exact moment when Dennis won my heart. But what stands out to me the most is his sense on humor. Dennis is extremely fun and fun loving which is what really made me fall for him. He is always looking for fun new things to do, always joking around, dancing and singing along to every song in the car. He truly loves life. 

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