February 10, 2016


Yes, yes, you read it right. My LITTLE sister is getting married! This weekend we had so much fun doing a few wedding preparations. She is not getting married until the summer of 2017, but you can never plan to far in advanced. 

This just might be the crazy sister talking, but shopping for dresses is so much fun! Heather is not very good at visualizing dresses on herself, so I get to pull a ton of fun ones for her to try one.... and mostly turn down before she even tires them on. 

All very different, but so hard to pick from. 

 She wasn't too excited about this picture. 
After trying on dresses (and having no luck) we went to SUPER BRIDE SUNDAY after church. It was FREE to get in and we "tested" all the cupcakes and free food to get an idea of what she wants at her wedding. 

Then after stuffing our faces with cupcakes, we watch a mini fashion show showing off all the new dresses from House of White.

I'm not even engaged, but I think I already found my dress. 
Is that bad luck?

Being in Evansville you are bound to run into someone you know..... or 5. We had to stop by our favorite booth and take a picture! (My mom works there

By the end of the day we were exhausted, but I was super pumped because it finally hit my that my sister is GETTING MARRIED! ohhh and might have taken over the Bride sticker when we got in the car....... engaged looks good on me, right? ;) 

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