March 9, 2016


My not-so little Charlie Brown has stole my heart like no one has ever before. He sleeps in the bend of my legs at night and doesn't move an inch until morning. We originally went the Humane society to pick up Lana, but they were having a BOGO sale on kittens....(hmmmm dangerous for crazy cats ladies like myself)  sooo as you can tell we left with an extra kitten.... and couldn't be more grateful. He's so goofy, clumsy, lazy, and extremely talkative. He's a mommas boy for sure.

Charlie loves sun spots and posing for pictures. He's so photogenic, he should be on the cover of a bag of cat food.  

Mid-yawn-Someone was due for a nap here.
Charlie loves to be vocal and talk our head off. He's polite though and will wait until you wake up and meow until you are out the door in the morning.. and the same once you get home until it's bedtime. His days must be filled with so much adventure that he has to share every detail

While I get ready for the day Charlie is right by my side watching my every move.

This might be a little TMI, but it's too perfect not to share. When I am home, I never get to be by myself... ever.  Wherever I go, whatever I do they are 2 inches behind me. 

He knows how handsome he is and certainly takes advantage of it when he's getting in trouble.  

I'm so obsessed with this orange fur-ball!
I promise he loves me, but only when it's convenient for him.

Meet Lana HERE

Do you have any fur babies that act this way? 

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