March 24, 2016

My Hair History

Have you ever went back through old photos and regretted an old hair style or color? Well, I sure have.  Let's start in High school. I was never allowed to color my hair growing up and I hardly ever cut my hair so it was long, straight, and never had to worry about styling it. What a dream right? Well I wish I could say the same for it still today..... My natural hair color was a dark brown and I liked to keep my hair at a pretty long length. 

When I was a sophomore in high school I wanted something different so I chopped off ALL my long hair. Whyyyyyy! I loved putting my hair up in a ponytail and with it being too short, I immediately wished my long hair was back. 

By my senior year in high school my hair finally grew back to the length I was more comfortable with. 


After going through a 4 year relationship and having it end so dramatic. It was time to explore life and try new things....  It was time to color my hair! Let's just say my dad wasn't too excited about the color choice I went with. But hey, at least it wasn't bright pink.. Right?  


Right before my 21st birthday I decided to chop my hair off once again. I was feeling the need to look older and thought cutting my hair would do the trick. This time I actually liked it shorter. In fact, I sometime think about cutting it back to this length..... ops did I really just say that?

After growing my hair out AGAIN, I then fell into the "ombre" trend... which following trends is not me at all, so that faze didn't last long. 

Blonde isn't my thang, so I kept my length I slowly started to go back to my natural color. 

Here we are today.... back to my dark color and still trying to grow my hair out. I am thinking about coloring it darker again. What do you think? 

Has your hair change a lot throughout the years? 

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