March 1, 2016


+ I'm slowly but surely finding my nitch in the blogging world! With that being said I have found my 3 FAVORITE blogs so far! And I have found all three through some form of a link-up.... soooooo I recommend Link-ups in a heartbeat, if you're wanting to explore other blogs!

+ My first go-to blog is  Mattie's Makings and I have been so excited ever since! She is so sweet and has a FANTASTIC blog layout! This gal knows what she's doing! Everything about it is just beautifully put together and organized.... and we all know I'm a sucker for organization!!!! She just recently posted about how she almost met JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE!Please check her out and you won't be disappointed.  

^ ^ You can also follow her on Instagram HERE.  ^ ^

+ I'm sure you can already tell why I love  Kristen from See You in the Porridge! She's a fellow cat lover and has THREE stunning kitties of her own! She recently did a very inspiring post about working out for 31 day straight.... ummm HELLO, I can't even workout 4 days straight without hitting the snooze button and skipping the next 3 weeks. She has inspired me to head back to the gym. Thanks Kristen!

^ ^ You can also follow her on Instagram HERE. ^ ^

Cait's Cozy Corner  is another blog fav of mine and I couldn't be more happy to find her blog in a link-up we both had participated in recently. She is a mom and a wife and recently posted about how she gave her daughter a haircut for the first time... by herself. AND you have to see the results! 

She is always posting the prettiest pictures on Instagram and of course they are a "must see" HERE 

What are some of your favorite blogs? 

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