March 11, 2016


It's that time again! FRIDAY! I have been running a fever all week and with a sore throat, so I am ecstatic the weekend is almost here! How was your week? I hope you aren't under the weather like myself.

This week I did a very honest post about my true feeling about my HOME TOWN. You can read about them HERE

While I was in bed sick for two days I discovered this new series on Netflix. Chelsea has my rollin no matter what she says, so I knew I would love this show before I pushed the play button, and I wasn't disappointed! What are you waiting for, go check it out! 

SO, we have been throwing out the idea of getting a pup pup this summer and we FINALLY found a breed that will fit our lifestyle!  Redbone coonhound for the win! Look at those cute floppy ears! We are now on the hunt for a breeder to bring home the next 4 legged addition to our little family! We would like a male, so if you have any cute pup names I would love some ideas!

Something about the color green lately has really captured my attention. If you know me really well, you would know that I only love neutrals and hardly ever branch out and wear pops of color. But something about this color might be changing the way I feel. Oh no, whats happening.

On Sunday my little sis said YES to her wedding dress!!! It was a bitter sweet moment! So glad they Skype me to be apart of her special day! Read more here.

How do you spend your Sundays?
You can read about how I spend my favorite day of the week HERE.

Have you met my Orange ball of joy yet?  Well you can right now, if you click  HERE
How cute is he?

Happy Weekend loves!!!

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