January 4, 2017

The Best of 2016

As 2016 came to a close this weekend I could not help but look back on what a great year we had. I am so blessed to have so many people in my life to call my friends but one thing in particular sticks out the most of why 2016 was so great.


All my life I have wanted a dog to call "my own" and 2016 was the year for me. I moved out of my parents house in 2011 and headed off to college. I was never financially ready for the responsibility of a four legged friend, but I would still visit the humane society on a weekly basis for a couple of years, dreaming and waiting for my time. 

Once I got out of college and got a full time job, we decided to start looking for puppies.  Eeeeekkkk of course I would take in a blind or a three legged dog, just to have one. But Dennis wanted a slower process. 

We found Newman and haven't been happier. Having a puppy of our own has been a huge responsibly and I'm so blessed to have Dennis along for the ride. Newman isn't easy, but he's a work in progress. 

A dog is a forever "purchase" and something I will never give up on. I can't imagine my life without this crazy shithead and I'm so happy he came in our lives when he did. We have never been more active, worried, or ready to rush home in the last 3 years before Newman. 

He's the best!

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