September 12, 2016

My Most Recent Purchases: Hobby Lobby Addition

Oh boy oh boy. This weekend marks our 1 year anniversary for being in our very first home. We have literally put blood, sweat and (me) plenty of tears into this house and we couldn't be happier. What better way to celebrate than with decorating a little and one more project, which always turns into more.  I think after being here for so long it's about time we start throwing some decoration on the walls. 

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

Last weekend some of you saw my snapchat story about finally redoing our sunroom. Those bright red wall HAD to go! I will post more about the result later this week or next. Last weekend we decided to spoil ourselves and spontaneously buy a dishwasher.... yes a dishwasher. We're so exciting.  So in the spirits of finishing up the kitchen I thought it was time to add a little decor to that room. Hobby Lobby was reading my mind last week, because all wooden and metal wall decor was 50% off. (I never buy anything full price there and neither should you.) So this week I went a little wood decor crazy. Got myself a little something for each room of the house it feels like.

Thankful wooden spoons, Hobby Lobby Wall decor    wooden spoons, Hobby Lobby Wall decor

These beautiful spoons have been yelling at me every visit and I've had to turn around and walk away. Not this week though! I was finally able to wrap my hands around two of these beauties and I'm oh so happy. Our kitchen is a little farmhouse so these fit perfectly in with the scheme. 

Hobby Lobby Hello there handsome Wall decor

Along with the wooden decor sale these also landed in my chart somehow. I'm a sucker for all things cheesy and since we are getting a new bedroom set delivered in 2 weeks, these fit in perfectly! 

Hobby Lobby Hello there handsome Wall decor          Hobby Lobby good morning gorgeous Wall decor

I am slowly but surely putting together a gallery wall so with this sale my chart was full of goodies! I can't wait to show you all what else I snagged!

our first home
Happy 1 year anniversary to us on the home! <3

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