December 23, 2016

14 Things I Do Every December

We made it.

We finally made it to Friday! Has this been an exhausting 7 days for anyone else? Christmas is in two days and I'm beginning to panic....But who has a stress free December anyways?  I have already made my new years resolution for 2017. Have you?

Mine includes never leave the house for the entire month of December. Everyone and their third cousin comes out of the cracks and behind the trees and fill the parking lots and store. It doesn't help that we live in a "me me me" society and people are angry drivers and even angry shoppers. It's like people have forgot what the 25h is really about.

But I can't be the only one to ever say that. 

I have simply decided to do my shopping throughout the year so come December 1st, this lady isn't a great ball of fire when she gets in her car. Heck I spend more time traveling to the store and waiting in line, than I do actually shopping for a gift. 

Besides the cluster fuck outside I love the month of December. I love going though all my old childhood Christmas albums with my family and remembering back on the "good ol days".

The glow of my Christmas tree make me the warmest inside. This year I couldn't wait and had to put up the trees before Thanksgiving. Something about the warm colored lights and the sintemeantal ornaments gets me every time. This year I found a free pre-lit christmas tree on the side of the road and decided we needed  two. Score!

I feel the need to wear beanies all day (even to bed) and constantly have socks on. I'm freezing head to toe in the winter.

From now until December 31st, it's Christmas tunes all day everyday. In the car and on my phone any chance I get, Christmas!!

I want peppermint everything. But most importantly, peppermint coffee. 

I love all things cold and snow during the month of December, but anything after that I'm over and done with it. Bring on Spring. 

Decorating for the holiday might be my main reason for getting so excited. Its so thrilling to me to be able to decorate our first house and start from scratch. I am very picky when it comes to Christmas lights and decor.

Speaking of decor. The day after Christmas shopping is the best for all the deals of decorations for next year. I have been dreaming about what I will be buying at Target January 1.

Baking cookies. Well trying to bake. I'm not that great. In fact, this week I tried to make No Bake Peanut butter chocolate cookies. Which are supposed to be the easiest cookies on the face of the planet to make. Nope, messed that up.

Puppies first Christmas.  I'm so excited this year begins a lifetime of memories with our Newman and how we will be spending many more Christmas to come.

What do you have to do every December?
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