December 6, 2016

Christmas Decorating on a Budget?

The time is finally here, I can decorate for Christmas! I have been itching all year for December. Mainly because I bought a big chunk of my decor last year when it all went n sale and it's just been sitting in my attic. I even "accidentally" put up my christmas tree before Thanksgiving... Am I alone here?

I just couldn't help myself.

Last year we pretty much had a Christmas doormat and one tree in the living. That's it.


Yea, this year we have 2. Maybe 3 within the coming weeks. I wouldn't put it past me.

Christmas decor on a Budget

Christmas decor on a Budget

To be fair, my sister found our second tree on the side of the road for free. How do you say no to a FREE christmas tree? 

Actually I'm sure its quite easy, it was for Dennis at least. Did I mention we were traveling back from Evansville, so the two of us and Newman had to ride with it in the car for 3 plus hours. 

Totally worth it. 

Christmas decor on a Budget

Target Christmas

Most all of my decor was bought last year after the Holiday and everything was 50% off. Go Target go! 

target christmas ornaments

christmas santa

Christmas is all about drinking and being merry, at least it is in my family. Well, besides the whole baby Jesus thing. Drinking and being merry is second! Michael's craft store is where I fell in love with this wine loving Santa.

I think I might start collecting Santas every year. I know it's common, but if they all start to bring me as much joy as this one does my house is going to be a jolly good time.

Christmas decor on a Budget

Christmas decor on a Budget

When I was visiting my hometown a few weekends back, we went downtown and supported Small Business Saturday. While out looking for unique pieces from the house I ended up scoring over 48' of christmas garland for only $8.

I still have extra Im needing to find a special place for.

Christmas decor on a Budget

Christmas decor on a Budget

Christmas decor on a Budget : Target

This year will be Newmans first Christmas! You can find this cute little ornament at Target in the dollar section!

Have you started decorating for the Holidays yet?

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