December 22, 2016

Christmas Card 2016

This month has been everything but calm. I have been all over the placed emotionally and physically. I'm ready for a fresh start in 2017. But first, what a year it has been.

January I started my blog! Woot Woot Which has been an exciting chapter in my life and I'm thankful for finding a new and creative way to express myself. Blogging has taught me a lot and there is much mucccccchh more to learn. Looking back at my first few posts make me cringe, but I can't wait to see how I grow as a blogger in 2017.

February I helped my younger sister find her Wedding Dress and took her to her first bar on her 21st birthday! Yes, all in the same weekend. (Also the month Newman was born)

March we decided to renovate our dated kitchen into our dream farmhouse inspired masterpiece. Thanks to Dennis for taking over the project after countless times having to redo my part of the job. Going from dark cabinets to pearly white took triple the amount of paint we thought it would, which meant triple the amount of $$$. You're welcome Home Depot. You're welcome.

Worth it in the end.... just never doing it again. I'm pretty sure we will forever have sawdust in our lungs from that project.

April was the month we had been dreaming and planning for. We brought home our puppy, Newman. We made the long 10 hour drive from Indianapolis to North Carolina. No stopping. We arrive early so we were able to pulled over and take a nap in the back of the car in a hotel parking lot. Picked Newman up and drove 10 hours back home.

May was the month I was honored to be the MOH in my friends wedding and give a speech for the first time in front of 200+ people. What a nightmare, but so so worth it.

Not looking forward to doing another speech this summer. Hoping she changes her mind and does without speeches. Finger and toes crossed.

June we took Newman to our annual Michigan trip with Dennis family and he got to experience his first swim. He wasn't a "natural" by any means and I wouldn't say he enjoyed swimming. Hoping next year when we return that will be a different story.

July we celebrated our 3 year anniversary by spontaneously buying a $200 tree and planting it in our backyard. Every time it rains or is extremely windy we hope and pray it doesn't snap in half.

August was filled with family and friends. My family came to visit and brought up my farmhouse table my dad hand built for us.

And I had a blast celebrating a close friends engagement being able to shower her with gifts and booze. Lots of booze

September I hosted my first DIY Wine and Canvas at home party. Which turned out to be a success and something we will continue for years to come.

October my family visited again, but to help us finish off our fence for Newman and added shutters to the front of our house. That weekend opened my eyes to how blessed I am for all the help and love I receive from my parents. I'm not sure where I would be without them.

And to top of that month our close friends tied the knot and got married in the tallest building in Indiana and we danced to night away. It was the most memorable wedding I've ever witnessed and I'm sure no ones can top it. Perfection.

November we purchased our GoPro Hero 5 and hated it. Returned it and got our Nikon 3400 and LOVE it! This moth was filled with hiking and the outdoors. This month I quit my desk job and become a nanny again. For three children, going on 4. It hasn't been easy and it certainly keeping me on my toes, but it's getting better and I'm excited to see where it takes me.

December was the first year we put up Christmas lights in the front yard. Caught a mole in a mouse trap in the garage, and picked up a free christmas tree off the side of the road.

What exciting things did you do this year and are you ready for 2017? 

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  1. Thank you so much!! It took a few tries to get Newman to stay still!

  2. That card is so cute! Congratulations on the puppy ♥ his ears are just adorable! Sounds like 2016 was a busy year for you!


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