December 21, 2015

Mister Perfect

hi friends, if i have learned anything this year it has to be to cherish every moment, good or bad.  this little guy right here has my entire heart and i couldn't picture it any other way. Eli James is the most perfect gift God has blessed our family with. in times of trouble and mistrust we had no other choice, but to put our entire faith in God and believe that he has a plan for our family. and he sure did. now i couldn't picture our family without this little bundle or joy.  this year i get the pleasure to visit my family for 5 entire days. (it's usually only 2) i am most excited to spend my time with my nephew. he is growing up so fast and it breaks my heart i am not around much to see him grow and grow.  so stick around in the coming weeks to see all the fun and exciting memories we will be creating together!

over the weekend my wonderful sister decided to take these adorable picture. she's not one to be super creative so when i was sent these i got extremely excited... and i'm surprised Eli stayed still to allow her to take these. 

i am not one to follow trends, but i am slowly becoming obsessed with everything chalkbaoards.... (along with everyone else these days.)

jack is our crazy little mutt, who surprisingly is very good with Eli and his silly ways. jack is a yorkie mix so he has very high energy and never slows down.... perfect for a 2 year old toddler.  

soon i will add some pictures of my chalkboard doodles.... because what the heck, i'll join this trend. 

  they are the bestest of buds. poor jack is such a trooper.

to say the least, i will not be letting him go for the whole 5 days i am with him. 

Eli James, 
you are a miracle and auntie love you so much. 

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