December 16, 2015

Instagram roundup

Check out my Instagram here for more pictures! 

i love antique shopping and stick around when I talk about my trip to the Midland Antique Mall

fruit, fruit, fruit. 
i don't know what i would do without Gods sweet treats! 


my two favorite things, flowers and quotes. 


being a cat is hard work....


My lovely friend above on the far left is a blogger herself!
You will see her around here often and i will post soon where you can find her blog at! 


sometimes i try to be edgy.... and it never really works. 


i love watching the fall leaves change.


feeding my bird obsession one day at a time. 

Eli James and his chalkboard table i made for him. he's the best.

discovering hidden gems under Indianapolis. 

they love birds, just like their momma

this tree is magical. 
perfect spot for a nap 

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