December 31, 2015


i do not want to come across as a blog full of products, but i personally enjoy when other women share how they get ready in the mornings and i am always up for trying new products and seeing if there is something better than what i am using now. so i would like to share with you my morning routine... 

+ Shower time
my hair gets oily very quickly so i alway shower in the morning. even if i shower at night my hair some how feels dirty in the morning... i know, it's weird.

i have been using this brand of shampoo and conditioner for over a year now and would never use anything different! i do switch between think and full and tree mint. these shampoos have a hydrating blend of Australian tea tree oils, this shampoo nourishes and strengthens each hair shaft. Hydrating Teatree Mint Shampoo by OGX features a fresh, stimulating scent. Moisturizes and balances using milk proteins and micro-infused peppermint oils. Leaves hair soft, smooth and shiny.

Summers Eve is what i use to wash my entire body! my skin is very sensitive and i can't use anything with added perfumes or my body will breakout and dry out. 

+After the shower 

i try to use its a 10 hair mask from Target every other Wednesday, but since i skip a week i sometime forget.... sham on me, because it make my hair feel WONDERFUL!  in the winter months like now, my hair gets extra dry and even though this product can be a little pricy, its worth the price tag.  I'm in the middle of trying to grow it out so the more help i can get the better! i keep the mask on for about 10-15 minutes and then i rinse my hair in the sink. my hair feels like silk when I'm finished and i just can't keep my hands out of my hair. 

+ Face Time

now while my hair is up in the mask i use this time wash my face. i use this face wash by Neutrogena. i am thrilled i found this product because it can be used both as a wash or a mask. my favorite is the mask, but don't want to dry ou my face too much so i use it as a wash in the mornings. 

every Sunday i use Botanics Shine Away Ionic Clay Mask. this is a great product to get rid of all the deep dirt in my face from the previous week. Willowbark is a natural source of salicylic acid, which helps refine skin texture and actively target imperfections. this is an all natural product made from; Sea Silt (Natural Oceanic Clay), Water, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate, Salix Nigra (Willow) Bark Extract, Active Plant Extract.. it's a MUST try!!! i let this mask sit and harden on my face (which is a super weird feeling) for abut 15 minutes. this is a great time to just relax and gather my thoughts for the coming week ahead. 

+ Make up

i like to keep things light and breathable, so i am not a fan of liquid makeup... plus i always knock over the bottle and make a mess. 

i like to keep my make up routine simple and sweet! This Prime Time is from bareMinerals and you can order it here from Amazon. this is a primer for your makeup- hints the name. ;) just put a pea size dap on your finger tips, rub it in and then on your face. this gives you a great base and helps your make up last through the entire day. 

next, i use the foundation and apply very lightly to my face. 

this looks very similar to the image above, but they are very different. this one is called warmth. it goes on after the foundation giving you a natural glow.... i tend to only use this in the summer time, because the shade is much darker and doesn't match my skin tone in the winter.... but if you are wanting you use warmth and you are like me and it's to dark you can purchase a smaller and light color and them mix the two together matching your winter skin tone... i personally have never tried this one, but i have heard great things about mixing. if you try it out, please let me know how it goes!! 

sometimes when i am going out for date night, or somewhere special i like to add a hint of bare mineral blush.... i almost always forget this step, but i love the look when i do remember! 

lastly, i use Mineral Veil from bareMinerals. These helps minimize the look of your pores and gives you that air brush make up look. if i do not use this i can 100% tell a difference in the look of my makeup.

what i love most about bare minerals is that i always feel like i am not wearing any makeup..... sometimes i even forget that its one when I'm getting ready for bed. it just a light product and with no harsh chemicals leaving your face dry. 

i normally do not use this mascara, but since i shop at Sephora, every time you shop there you get points and when those points add up you can get free samples. once again, they got me!!! i am so happy with this mascara. it goes on smooth and never clumpy. i usually apply about three coats... crazy i know, but thats just a personal preference. 

i have these in a few colors and they are fabulous! i have the nude and the light pink like the one above. 

i touch my eyes and face too much, so i do not wear eyeliner on a regular basis. but when i go out on the town i try to apply a small about to the top corners of my eyes. never all the way across my eye lid. 

after being finished with this blog post i realized my morning routine is more complicated and has a ton of different steps than i thought i had.... i am as simple as it gets when it come to my appearance. 

but i love that about me and i cant wait to hear what steps you guys take in the mornings! 
Thanks for stopping by! 
What are your morning products? 

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