December 1, 2015

9. 11. 15

the day we got the keys to our first home.
the search for the perfect house was finally over
we are home and couldn't be happier.
it was a bit of a struggle finding a place
but once we did we just knew we couldn't live without it
it is simple an open 
and more than we hoped for.

there is now so much to do, 
where should we begin...
the yard, the walls, the carpets?
the projects and lists just keep adding up. 
so much to do 
it feels like everything must be done at once....
but why?

i feel myself rushing through the makeover process, 
wanting everything to be complete and look perfect.

I need to take a step back and enjoy this messiness called life.
i need to remember that this is the part that i will remember forever.
 making a home together takes time and discipline.
oh and did i mention a TON of compromising. 
moving in together is a challenge in itself
who's sofa should we get rid of? 
or who's bright orange porcelain mushroom house to get rid of....
or accidentally drop on the concrete out back
 .....and  say it was an accident. 
its only been two months
and we have so many more ahead of us. 

i love the teamwork it take to make a house a home 
and i wouldn't want to be spending it with anyone else
we are truly a great duo 
and i am one lucky girl 
with not only a pretty handsome fella 
but one that strives to take care of me 
and make me the happiest lady in the world. 

Dennis you are my forever 
and this journey we share is going to be a blast.
buckle up! 

a place to call our own

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