December 28, 2015


All right all right, i must admit after being off for the entire week and being down south for a few days this particular Monday was a defiant struggle. After nannying for a few hours this morning... which i forgot to drink my morning coffee, so watching kids was an even bigger issue.... Major headache!!

over the Holiday Dennis and I got this wine cabinet for Christmas. After Dennis giving up within the first 15 minutes i decided to take one for the team... by opening a bottle of wine and assembling it myself.  couple hours later and one bottle down, we (i) finally finished!  THIS was the final product! Adorable, right? Our home is slowly coming together and this just makes this space complete. Next step, get more wine! 

i have recently discovered Pier 1 Imports and i am OBSESSED to say the least... heres why! :)

to go along with our new wine cabinet i purchased these 2 wine glasses. if you're anything like me i drink all wines in large glasses. i just love the way the large glass fits in my hand..... oh and i just hate having to keep going back to the kitchen to refill. Once, the dishwasher was full so i just skipped the wine glass and drank right out of the bottle.... i think i should be embarrassed, but it was totally worth it. 

this glass doesn't look that large in the picture, but i assure you its big enough. ;) oh and did i mention each wine glass is ONLY $7!! So i splurged and purchased 2! why not, right?

ok, ok. ever since we got our house i have been looking everywhere for a white farmhouse style container for our cooking supplies. before today i had a bright blue plastic container... (gross) Pier1 saved the day!!When i saw this, i knew it was made for my kitchen! I have been searching high and low at every Goodwill in town, but this is even better than a used one! This is called the County Kitchen Crock and it was only $24. 

Now, i did have a gift card and i had a $50 limit. I was almost to $50 so i was trying to stay in budget and not go over. I love my all white decor but theses plates i couldn't pass up. These will add the perfect amount of pop in our kitchen. 

with that being said, now i am going to finish off my evening with some red wine and popcorn while i catch up on some Scandal and wait for the lover to come home form his hard day at work. i totally feel like Olivia Pope right now. 

Thanks for stopping by! 

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