January 5, 2016

Here Lately...

ok, ok, i have been sitting here for the past couple of days, contemplating on what to write. everyone is posting about their goals and expectations for this new year..... and I'm over year still eating leftover pizza from the night before, skipping the gym but saying i went, eating a salad for lunch but them having ice cream right after.... maybe it's this cold weather, but i am far from making goals and new life choices....to be honest i like the way my life is going right now, i am the happiest i've been in a long time. i'm finally starting to find my path in life and i don't want that to change anytime soon......

Every January we make these things called resolutions that we swear we are going to keep, fulfill, and then come February we are running right back to our old habits from the prior year. so i'm not going to sit here and make unreasonable expectations for myself.... i am going to take this new year one day at a time and enjoy and embrace every moment i can. without planning out my weeks because i don't want to be focused on whats next, but instead fully taking in the moment i'm in. Make 2016 your year, i know i will.

i will continue to be somewhat lazy and snuggle with my cats on Sunday afternoons. 

i will continue to drink waaaaaay to much Starbucks even when my bank account is telling me otherwise.

i will still try to explore every inch of this world

i will forever make messes wherever i go... (this is something i wish would change to some degree)

even though i planted over 100 bulbs in my backyard this past summer, i will continue to plant more this spring and watch them bloom. 

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