January 12, 2016

My Winter Wonderland

to be honest this beautiful white stuff has made me want to stay inside under a blanket for the rest of this brutally cold season. during this time of the year i always tell myself i am not going to stay huddled up inside and get the winter blues, but its slowly turning into that. over the weekend it snowed about 4" and hasn't stopped since..  the snow is extremely breathtaking, but now that i would like to leave the house its terrifying. I'm not a good driver and to add snow to the mix makes it even worse, but very soon i will have to face my fears and go out in the snowy mess.

what we saw when we first woke up..... i felt like i was still in a dream

so we made blueberry waffles, drank coffee and snuggled on the sofa.

Lana thinks she's better than all the other cats to lay her head on the floor or even on her arm for that matter so we are always finding her under the chair like this..... i would love to know if this is normal and if other kitties do this too..

this child sleeps about 22 out of the 24 hours in a day. i don't know if it's the weather, his new food, or the fact that he's getting older, but he is ALWAYS sleeping.
so fat and so cute.
i have been looking everywhere for the timed leasers that you can put on your ceiling and it will go off randomly throughout the day. i don't even care how crazy that makes me sound. these kitties NEED to be more active!!

people always look at me and make comments when i am in the birdseed isle at Lowes. they always tell me that i should "wait until the Spring for this project".
 i strongly hope I'm not the only one feeding the birds in the winter. just because its cold out doesn't mean they don't need food.
my backyard is full of hungry birds (and a few squirrels).

its hard to see in this picture, but we have 6 bird feeders on this tree. that might sound like a lot, but i wish we had more. we get a huge variety of birds all year around and its truly wonderful.

both lana and charlie love watching the birds eating and flying from tree to tree...
sometimes when they are lucky a little bird brings his food to the window to eat in front of them. they both hunch down so the little one cant see them, and they wiggle they bottoms like they are going to pounce through the glass door... i couldn't make these things up if i tried.

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