January 13, 2016

3 Fruity Water Detox Recipes

+ I'm and super excited to share this new love of mine!

+instead of make just 1 New Years resolution for the entire year i plan on focusing on one habit each month i would like to fix or simply improve. fingers crossed by the end of the year i will have 12 new healthy life habits! this month i would like to drink more water. i find myself sometimes overeating during the day when I'm bored, instead if i just grabbed a glass of water i would fill that void. I'm not at all saying you should sub out food for water. i am simply saying most of the time if you think you are still hungry it could be your body saying it jus needs water.

+ so heres to drinking more water!!! and what better way to do that then with fruit?!infused water is extremely good for you for numerous reasons. infused water can help with bloating and getting grid of yucky toxins in your body.  fruit is so yummy and good for you and makes drinking water easier and healthier! also it adds vitamins and can curve your appetite. so here are just three of my favorite recipes i have been trying so far this month.

+ i like to make these the night before because the longer the fruit sits in the water the more goodness your body will receive.

Cucumber and pomegranate seeds 

+ here is what you'll need. 
1 cucumber and roughly 2 handfuls of pom seeds

+ this combo is truly heavenly and i couldn't help but sneak a sip right away.
i love everything cucumber! something about cucumber water is so refreshing to me.  so yummy i could drink it all day!

+ infused water with pomegranates are great to flush bloating and help mop up the damage caused by toxins, while helping your body in it's detox process. 

Blueberry and Oranges

+ here is what you'll need. 
1 handful of blueberries
1 orange

+ if you're feeling adventurous add some mint leaves!

+ Blueberries are pretty much the antioxidant champion by clearing the radicals from your body that cause disease and pre mature aging as well as promotes brain health, aka "brain food" duh.

Strawberry and Blueberry 

+ here is what you'll need. 
1 handful of blueberries
5 strawberries

+ Strawberries help burn soared fat, boost short term memory and even has anti-aging properties among other things. Plus it's super yummy!

Stick around next week for other infused water recipes!

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