January 21, 2016


Another nippy day here in Indiana. The wind is bitter cold, but the sun is pretty hot hot hot.

Shades for dayzz!!!!  OMgosh, did I really just say that? I was feeling extremely edgy this morning so I put on my leather (faux) leggings and ran out the door. These are great for when you want to spice up an outfit instead of wearing those boring cotton ones. 

I feel like such a badass when I wear this scarf. It must be the hot pink and the skulls.  The detail on this scarf is so beautiful many times I have thought about hanging it on a wall over my desk.

My closet is full on neutrals, a few pastels, but mostly black. So I like to add little hints of color with my accessories.... just a little. 

Just a simple black watch, from Target. This is the watch I wear with everything.... I mean everything! It's the perfect accessory that can give a boring outfit a little bit of life.... 
Can you tell how cold I was by the goosebumps on my arm??? 

like i said, I'm a total badass, right? 

Thanks for stopping by! 
Happy Thursday! 

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