January 26, 2016


This weekend was extremely exhausting, but in a good way. Since being home owners our weekends usually consist of home projects and endless amounts of cleaning. This weekend we finally got to catch up with our friends and even spent time with family. It was much needed and even squeezed in a double date.... that never happens! 

Lately I have been struggling with finding time to workout, mostly because it's first of the year and the gym is always packed and I have to wait 20 minutes just to run on the treadmill. So I have no motivation to leave the house when I know I'll have to wait in line. BUT, I am still eating healthy and making NEW smoothie recipes.

This concoction has now become my favorite and hopefully yours too! 

I am not a huge lunch person, I usually have to schedule myself to eat lunch or at least grab a protein bar. I know, I know, shame on me. But (for me) it's a great quick lunch replacement especially on days I'm running around like a mad woman. 


2 lime slices
1 handful of pomegranate seed
5 slices on a peach. (frozen if you have the option... I don't like to add ice)
2 pieces of Swiss Red Chard
1 scoop of Chia Seeds
1 scoop of ground flax seed
Splash of V8 fruit/veg juice of your choice


I love all the V8 fruit/veg juices, but this one is my new found love! 

I would add Pom seeds to everything if I could! They are perfect frozen and add the perfect sweetness to any dessert or smoothie.


Don't you just love the colors in the Swiss Red Chard? I don't blame you if the name turns you off, but its SO yummy and good for you! Click here to learn more about Swiss chard. 
If you still aren't sold, you can sub this for Kale or Spinach. 

You can use the whole slices of lime of just squeeze the juice in the cup. I prefer to throw in entire slices in to get more vitamins from the skin. Flax seed and chia seeds are great and something I put in ALL my smoothies!! 

Add more chia and pom seeds to the top to add a splash of color and makes the presentation a little easier on the eye.... and who doesn't like to drink out a cute paper straw?!?! 

Thanks of hanging out!
For more smoothie recipes I have done in the past check them out here

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